Weight Loss Shakes: Do Meal Replacements REALLY Help You Lose Weight?

As the name suggests, meal replacement shakes are consumed so as to substitute the regular meals with powdered shakes which serve to lessen your total calorie intake and thus help you lose weight. Having stomach shakes and bars for breakfast (maybe in lunch and dinner too), can be a viable weight-loss strategy in the short term. However, it’s debatable whether or not they actually help reduce weight. Even when they do, meal replacement shakes are not a permanent fix for weight loss or weight gain. There are only as many times you can have them as a part of your diet regime. Some people mistake meal replacement shakes with protein shakes. But there lies a difference. Unlike protein shakes, meal replacement shakes are intended to provide the nutrition of a full-fledged meal. Some are found in a can or bottle while some come in a powdered form which can be…

The PCOS Diet: Foods to Avoid

Women nowadays are plagued by a lot of maladies, PCOS is one of them. Due to the dearth of time as they juggle between both household and work, women have literally no time to care of themselves and be wary of the symptoms. Almost 50% of women are afflicted by it and suffer the consequences in the form of obesity. It is about time they realized that PCOS can be detrimental for the body if not detected and remedied early. Avoiding certain foods during PCOS is a key in order to fight it. Here is a list of foods that must be diligently avoided during PCOS. 1. Processed and Pre-packaged Foods Most highly processed and pre-packaged convenience foods are made with unhealthy food ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup, refined flour, processed meats, refined sugars, dairy products, and artificial sweeteners. These foods also contain high amounts of salt…