foods that make you poop immediately


Constipation Home Remedies: Natural Constipation Relief

Most people won’t accept it, but the reality is that about 90% of people are afflicted by constipation at some time in their lives. Of these, at least 60% are chronically constipated. What Is Constipation Constipation is when your bowel becomes troublesome to pass, and the average period between passing stools rises noticeably. Rare bowel movements are distinguished by less than three bowels per week. Analysis of this gastrointestinal problem requires a physical exam and certain tests such as blood test and colonoscopy. Home Remedies For Constipation Medications and treatments can have side effects on the body. It is best to follow natural home remedies to heal and counter constipation. If you have gastric disorders or irritable bowel syndrome, you should be cautious and disciplined. Listen to your body and try to find out if you have constipation indications. If yes, then follow these simple home remedies to relieve constipation. 1.…

Constipation Relief: Foods That Make You Poop Immediately

About 20% of the population suffers from constipation. Though not very impressive to know, this is quite significant – it might benefit you someday. A low-fiber diet, physical inactivity, or even old age can make it hard to poop. Though some remedies incorporate some laxatives, fiber supplements, and stool softeners, the most beneficial could be some foods that promote consistency. So let us look at the foods that make you poop immediately. What Are The Foods That Make You Poop? 1. Apples Apples are high in fiber, which passes through your intestines undigested and supports regular bowel movements. Apples also contain another soluble fiber called pectin, which has diuretic effects. It decreases the colon transit time, heals constipation, and promotes digestive health as well. Pulpy apple juice is one of the top foods that help you poop. Even apple cider vinegar is regarded as a good cure for constipation. Though…