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Turmeric: 17 Proven Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin

Turmeric is also referred to as the Indian saffron or the golden spice. It is one of the healthiest ingredients on the earth. Its most compelling ingredient is curcumin – which improves nearly every facet of your health. Whether it is decreasing joint pain or healing diabetes and Alzheimer’s, turmeric has been praised as the cure-all. How Does Turmeric Work? Turmeric is a flowering plant indigenous to the ginger family. It is scientifically called Curcuma longa. It is belonging to the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. The root of the plant (the rhizome) is commonly used for its advantageous features. Turmeric has been used in conventional Ayurvedic medicine for ages. It has a very smooth ginger-like taste. Turmeric is used widely for healing and limiting diseases. Researches affirm it’s antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and anticancer properties. Turmeric scavenges free radicals and combats disease. It also restrains the propagation of cancer cells…

Turmeric Tea: Benefits, Preparation & Side-effects

Turmeric is an herbal cure used for thousands of years in conventional Chinese and Indian medicine. But did you ever think that adding just a pinch of turmeric is the only way to use it in your diet? What if you could make a nice cup of tea out of the spice, which you can slowly sip on a cold morning? How would that benefit you? Let’s find out. Benefits Of Turmeric Tea 1. Turmeric Tea Fights Inflammation There are several studies that talk of curcumin, the compound in turmeric that combats inflammation. Further investigation also tells us that ibuprofen and aspirin, two of the common anti-inflammatory drugs, are not as efficient as curcumin in turmeric when it comes to battling inflammation. These characteristics of turmeric also make it a safe treatment for arthritis and gout symptoms. 2. Aids Cancer Treatment The curcumin in turmeric was determined to have anti-cancer…