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XL to Small in 3 months

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The most ignorant one gets is the time when the fats and the extra bulk of flesh starts to peer through that slim fit dress of yours. Not to mention it is that ignorance which brings you at this place at first. And then comes the vicious cycle of losing the stupid weight and burning the calories out in the gym to get the sleek look or rather the fit look again.

Well, many such stories make rounds on the internet which , even for a minuscule of second, brings out the determined you to hit the gym and control the diet. One such story is covered by FitnessTale. We interviewed Sonul Saxena and tried to understand how hard or easy was it to lose those extra pounds.

Name: Sonul saxena

Age: 26

Gender : Female

Height: 5’3’’

Weight Before: 58kg

Weight After: 51 kg

What was your life prior to the transformation and what made you suddenly go from fat to fit?

I had a sedentary lifestyle prior to my fitness schedule and the days being very lazy with absolutely no workout involved. And actually, it was due to a bet I made with my friend who challenged me to lose 7 kgs in a span of 3 months that I did this.

What were the challenges you had to face  and how did you sail through them?

The biggest challenge was being regular to the gym and also controlling the diet and managing the work simultaneously. There were times when I had to attend a family function or pay  visit to any of the parties and that is when the hardest part haunted me. Because once the plates roll out with extremely sumptuous food it gets difficult to not want to eat it.

But eventually I didn’t lose my focus and stayed determined. Of course, the result is not an overnight  achievement but with a little control and perseverance it’s not that hard a task.

The hardest part of the schedule and what compromises you had to make thereafter?

Well the hardest part was hands down diet regulation. And as far as the compromises are concerned; nothing much though just that regular exercise and proper diet needs to be looked out for.

What was your training schedule? What were the specific exercises (both cardio and weight training) you did?

Mostly 5k of running daily, and 30 min of physical training either hands, chest, shoulder, legs etc. Treadmill, cross trainer, crunches, planks, bars were among a few of my exercises with maintaining a balance of 50:50 for cardio and weight training. Also, I would usually alternate between cross trainer and treadmill.

What is the diet you followed during the transformation period and what did you learn about nutrition during it?

I had given up carbs for dinners completely would stick to strict protein diet in the evenings. Carbohydrates play an important role in this, reducing its consumption helps a lot but only if you are working out daily to break the protein you would be taking them as an alternative.

How many meals you were having throughout the day ?

Around 4 major( breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, dinner )  and 3 small fruit meals in between these.

Did you allow yourself cheat meals ?

Yes, once a week I would allow myself a tasty cheat meal.

Did you use any supplements during your transformation ? If yes, what supplements you used ?

NO, I didn’t feel the need to.

What tips or advice you would like to give to someone who is looking forward to make their own transformation ?

Workout regularly, stick to diet plan, diet plays a major role in transformations which usually people ignore. Just remember when the transformation happens you would be proud that you did what most people cannot.

How did you stay motivated ?

Feels good and satisfied when one is fit, that’s motivation enough. And once you see that fat crying out as sweat and a toned body the urge to be even more fit clutches you  then : Viola !


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