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Shredded from 96kgs to 68kgs in less than 7 months

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Age 39 Gender  Male



 Weight  96 Kg  68 Kg
 Body Fat  30  17
 Height  5′ 8″  Transformation period  7 months


A frequent party addict who never had the thought of dieting and who avoided exercise, had resolved himself to the fact that he’d always be “fluffy,” until he got married to a fitness freak. With visions of a fit husband, he stopped making excuses and signed up for a strict and rigorous routine. He knew it was time to commit to a lifestyle of consistent healthy habits and worked hard for it.

Lifestyle Prior to Change

What was your Lifestyle prior to your transformation ?

Prior to my workout I was more of a party freak.I had a party lifestyle. I went out every single weekend and eagerly tried out different kinds of foods with absolutely no control on my diet. I did not give myself enough sleep and kept slacking my diet. nutrition diet was poor and I had no idea  how bad i was eating.

What was your turning point?

“When you start practicing mindfulness, everything changes”,The time I got married was when I realised how Important exercise is for a healthier living. My wife was a fitness freak and that made me feel conscious to keep my body in a good shape. She encouraged and helped me  get over my laziness and insisted that I work on getting a good shape as she was fit.

Were there any unique challenges or difficulties you faced ?

Yes, There has been many difficult obstacles that I’ve had to power through. Initially when I started running, I could barely run for more than a minute, after which i would start panting and give up. My eating habits were challenging as I was used to a completely different way of living prior to my marriage. My wife helped me build my stamina, and helped me achieve what I am today.

Were there any circumstances when you had to face failures ?

Prior to my workout schedule I was used to a party lifestyle where I had no control on my diet. In the first month of my change in living I had to give up on a lot of things and change various things like the food i used to eat. I was asked to wake up in the early hours and work out which was a very big goal for me to achieve and I also had to give up on alcohol which I found immensely difficult in the initial stages but am really glad I took up the difficulties and faced it rather than quitting on it.

What was your motivation when you had faced  a failure ?

The fear that I would get back to what I was after all the hard work I had put in was my biggest motivation. There was an instance where i gave myself a cheat beer drink and feared failure as i knew I had put on around 2 lbs instead of burning it. The fear in me motivated me to stay away from cheat food and drinks and helped me to stay determined on the hard work I am putting in.

Transformation Timeline

Please provide the transformation details, when you started the transformation, what were the milestones along the way and how the transformation ended.

Transformation start:

I started my transformation on 15th of January 2005 and ended it in a short span of 7 months, drastically declining from 96 kgs to 68 kgs.

Milestone 1:

I had first targeted on reducing from 96 kgs to 80 kgs which i considered as my first milestone. After 2 months of training, I had achieved my first milestone. I realized that consistency is the key!.

Milestone 2:

Contented with what I had accomplished in the first two months I began to exercise more regularly and underwent whatever it took to exercise everyday without hesitation. I began to believe that a transformation is not a 3 month or a 6 month task. It it all about the lifestyle which I was determined on changing and improving it.   

Transformation end:

I ended my routine in August 2005 with a toned body weighing 68 kgs. Throughout my transformation I learnt how to slim down and stay lean while getting bigger.

What do you think was the hardest part during your transformation ?

I used to eating spices and a lot of fried items. Giving up on all of that and continuing a diet with only green vegetables and no spices had made me crave for junk food. I found it very difficult to manage sufficient time for my workout routine as I had a hectic work routine. Considering my past way of living, it was very difficult to resist my friends on party invitations and I had to avoid family functions and get-togethers.

Were there any compromises you had to make to achieve your targets ?

Like i had mentioned i had given up on a lot of things which were a part of my daily lifestyle previously. I quit drinking, avoided unnecessary meetings with friends, quit dairy products and also restricted the family functions and events i attended.

Training Approach

How much workout you did during the transformation ?

As a result of my busy work schedule I could not spare lot of time for my workout routine. I believe that 1 hour a day in a span of 7 months had brought in tremendous change in my body .

What was your workout split during the transformation ?

I followed a fixed routine of 30 minutes running, abs for 5 minute and then body strength training to increase my stamina in my workouts.

What were the different workouts you did ?

I focussed on running and increasing my cardio work out and for strength training, i did :

Decline Bench Press 3 12-15, 9-12, 6-10
Incline Bench Press 2 9-12, 6-10
Dumbbell Flye 2 9-12, 6-10


What was the ratio of cardio and weight training during your transformation?

In the initial stages i focussed more on cardio and made the ratio around 2:3 which I later switched.

Please detail your cardio approach during your transformation.

For cardio part of my work out I followed an intensive 30 minute run on the treadmill followed by the crosstrainer.

Please detail your weight training approach during your transformation.


Leg Press 2 9-12, 6-10
Squat 3 12-15
Dumbbell Walking Lunge 1 15-20 (One lap)
Stiff Leg Deadlift 3 12-15
Seated Hamstring Curl 2 9-12, 6-10
Leg Curl 1 9-12


What all things you learned about exercise, weight training, cardio during your transformation that helped you to achieve your targets ?

I learnt that working out in the same pace for a varied number of months will not benefit in any way. The intensity of the workout especially for cardio has to be increased. I started mixing slow-long distance running, sprinting and hill runs and ran on the treadmill with a higher inclination.

Diet and Supplement Plan

What diet you followed during your transformation ?

I didn’t want to go on a crazy diet. I wanted to have a healthy balanced approach which wasn’t too demanding on me. A refreshing tea in the morning with sprouts in the afternoon and a cup of herbal tea in the evening kept me energetic till mid evening.

How many meals you were having throughout the day ?  

I preferred consuming smaller quantities of meals in a more frequent numbers rather than going for heavy means. I had around 7 meals in a day

What was the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in your diet ?

I did not follow a particular ratio. I consumed higher quantities of carbohydrates and got the necessary protein from pulses . It was in the ratio of 2:3.

 Can you give an example of what your daily meal plan looks like ?

6:15 AM  milk tea

9:30 AM A bowl of oats

12:45 PM Sprouts with green vegetables.

5:00 PM Herbal green tea

7:00 PM 2 chapatis with boiled vegetables

8:30 PM 2 chapatis with boiled vegetables


Were there any diet or nutrition mistakes you made during your transformation ?

Most of the days i skipped breakfast or had it in very small quantity. I also regret not taking any protein and vitamin supplements.

What all things you learned about diet and nutrition during your transformation that helped you to achieve your targets ?

  • I learned that it is always better to prepare  meals in advance. Not only is it easier and more convenient but it prevents cheating.
  • Always remember that when you eat well, you’re able to train to the best of your ability.


Did you allow yourself cheat meals ?

I got used to not treating myself with cheat meals. At times i had a sugar candy while driving.

Did you use any supplements during your transformation ?  If yes, what supplements you used ?

No. I did not use any supplements.

Advice for others

What tips or advice you would like to give to someone who is looking forward to make their own transformation ?

Set a goal, make steps towards that goal every day!

Never set the bar too high, people tend to get discouraged when they fail.

Always remember that cardio is a very important part of workout . It is very important to focus on cardio. Make sure you  don’t skip meals, have around 4-5 meals to compensate for all the energy lost during the workout.You should consult a personal dietitian and trainer for most effective results.

Always remember that you should not make a goal to lose weight , your goal should be to workout every day

How do you stay motivated ?

The fact that I kept losing around 2 lb every week was enough motivation to keep me going for the rest of the months.

What advice you would give to someone who is facing problems in following the path of transformation?

I always believed that cheating on your diet routine is equivalent to cheating on your wife. That way I never had the intention to go for it. It is fine to take an off from workout for a day or two but do not cheat on your diet.

Lifestyle Now, After Transformation

What is your lifestyle now, after you have achieved this transformation ?

Now I have made it a habit to eat healthy, I party  once a month, which makes me feel better and energetic. I begin to feel bad even if i miss the gym for a single day.I feel better physically and mentally.

How do you still keep yourself motivated to keep improving yourself ?

I want to keep going to see what I could transform into. You’ll never know unless you try.

Did you change the workout or diet plans ?

yes, I started having a rigorous and heavy workout schedule and I walk every day for 5 km in the evening.


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