Lean Body Story

From Being Skinny To A Physique Competitor

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Tuning into his inner strength, Sidharth had given up his academics as he believed in making up his own life and had chosen the path of a healthier and fit lifestyle. Guided by his intuition he is now on his way to a profession of a body-builder.



Age 19 Gender Male



 Weight  55 Kg  65 Kg
 Body Fat  23 %  9 %
 Height  5′ 8″  Transformation period  8 months
 Gym Absolute  Trainer  Rajesh


Lifestyle Prior to Change

What was your Lifestyle prior to your transformation?

Back then in school, I had always aspired to join the army and take that up as my Career option. Unfortunately, in my 11th grade, I remember the time I had given an “Army physical examination” and they told me that I was not fit enough to be qualified. I got very depressed as I had always visualized myself in the army. I decided to shift my career to Commerce, and that is when I started partying and eating everything that was available.

What was your turning point?

I was bad academically and was never good at studies. My parents were beginning to worry about my career. That is when I decided to take up something of my interest. I tried my best in Sports, but that did not work out for me. Finally, I decided to get into bodybuilding and give it my best shot.

Were there any unique challenges or difficulties you faced?

I was suggested that I bulk up a little in the beginning. Even after continuous trials, I was unable to gain weight. I had a “Lean fat belly” even at 55 kg. The right part of my body was stronger than my left part. After a lot of research, I decided to work with Barbels instead of Dumbbells, which in the long run proved to be effective. My diet was a challenge as I stopped eating unhealthy. My social life was affected

Were there any circumstances when you had to face failures?

I had absolutely no muscle gain in the first 2 to 3 months. That was a phase in my life where I got so depressed and was on the verge of quitting.

What was your motivation when you had faced a failure?

My biggest motivation was my friend “Deepak” who knew what I was going through. He made it a point to take me to the gym every day and made sure that I worked out every day with all my efforts. He also made me watch a lot of motivational videos and stories.

Transformation Timeline

Please provide the transformation details, when you started the transformation, what were the milestones along the way and how the transformation ended.

Transformation Start:

August 2016, Weight= 55, Muscle Strength – 0

First milestone:

I decided to bulk myself up so that I look mature enough and not skinny or lean. I had bulked up my body within the first 4 months of my transformation.


I worked on getting abs. I concentrated on my obliques and underwent hardcore workouts and achieved visible Abs in my body.

Transformation End:

I had decided to take it up as my profession. That motivates me to never end my transformation timeline.

What do you think was the hardest part of your transformation?

For me, my diet was the most difficult part of my transformation. People are usually under the misconception about workouts mattering the most in a transformation. I must say, it is dependent on 85% of your diet with the rest 15 %, on your efforts in working out.

Were there any compromises you had to make to achieve your targets?

I had to make a lot of compromises in my life. Firstly I lost my complete focus on making up my career in any other field and dropped out of studies. I had to avoid my friend’s circle which made me lose my social life.

Training Approach

How many workouts did you during the transformation?

I made it a point to put my body under rigorous training for at least 3 hours a day for 6 days in a week.

What was your workout split during the transformation?

I started my workout session by warming up my body for the first 10 minutes. I then concentrated on one muscle a day for the rest of the time. I focussed more on weight lifting and strength training.

What was the ratio of cardio and weight training during your transformation?

My trainer had suggested that I don’t go for cardio exercises and instead focus more on weight training. I can say the ratio of cardio to weight training was 2:98

Please detail your cardio approach during your transformation.

I haven’t done any cardio. People should understand that the body physique of different people differ from the other. For my body, my trainer wanted me to keep myself out of cardio.

Please detail your weight training approach during your transformation.

Monday Chest
Tuesday Back
Wednesday Triceps
Thursday Biceps
Friday Legs
Saturday Shoulders


What all things you learned about exercise, weight training, cardio during your transformation that helped you to achieve your targets?

If the form of exercise that you start with is not right then your entire body will only have a reverse reaction. It is very important for one to know, what they are aiming at and which exercise is best suited for their body.

Diet and Supplement Plan

What diet did you follow during your transformation?

Initially, I did not have to follow a strict diet. Now I have started focussing more on my diet. I follow a “fat:carbs:protein = 3:2:1” ratio. I have shifted my diet to a high protein and low carb diet recently which now is 2:1

How many meals were you have throughout the day?

I was asked to eat around 6 meals a day as I was working out for 3 hours a day.

What was the ratio of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in your diet?

I switch my diet between 2 different types of diet plans. Initially, I consumed a very low ratio of about 10% protein in my diet and a high fat and carb diet. Now I follow a 60% protein and 30% carb diet.

Can you give an example of what your daily meal plan looks like?

Early Morning 1 ltr water
Breakfast Oatmeal,  milk and protein shake
Post Workout 2 Bananas, and protein shake
Afternoon 1.pm 1 ltr water
Lunch 3 egg whites, chapati with a salad bowl.
5 P.m 1 ltr water
6 P.m snack Bowl of oats
Dinner Chapati with vegetables, 3 egg whites
9 P.m 1 ltr water
10 P.m Milk with Whey Protein


Were there any diet or nutrition mistakes you made during your transformation?

The best way to cut down your body fat is to consume a low sodium, low sugar, and a “Nil” fat diet, and drink 3-4 liters of water a day. Always remember “Never” to consume any supplements unless advised by a professional.

What all things you learned about diet and nutrition during your transformation that helped you to achieve your targets?

After I got into this field I learned how a human body works completely. I learned how my body works, the rate at which my body digests food, and how my body converts my food into chemicals.

Did you allow yourself cheat meals?

I could not resist myself from cheat meals. So I had it twice a week with friends. It is fine to give yourself a break from the routine diet.

Did you use any supplements during your transformation?  If yes, what supplements you used?

I used the supplements that were suggested by my trainers.

        • Whey protein Muscletech.
        • BCA gifted.
        • Mass gainer Animal size (Not recommended).
        • Mass gainer (ON Serious product).

Advice for others

What tips or advice you would like to give to someone who is looking forward to making their own transformation?

Most important rule is to have Self-confidence in yourself. It is advisable to take advice from everyone but make sure you check on what suits your body. Do not injure your body by increasing the intensity of the work out more than your stamina level.

Make your workout routine a part of life, and not just as a 2-month hobby

Gradually increase the weights you lift every day.

How do you stay motivated?

I would not want to go back to what I was in the beginning. The fear of getting back keeps me motivated. I received a lot of encouragement and appreciation from people which makes me work harder

What advice would you give to someone who is facing problems in following the path of transformation?

Never back out. Once you make up your mind try it to your best efficiency. Always remember “Patience is the key to success”.

Lifestyle Now, After Transformation

What is your lifestyle now, after you have achieved this transformation?

I spend most of my time at the gym. I make sure I keep myself available for my friends as well. I know what my goals in life are, and I know what diet I am supposed to follow. I am no more ashamed of my body and I am proud of my career choice. I have become an inspiration in my friend’s circle.

How do you still keep yourself motivated to keep improving yourself?

I want to see to what extent my body can go and how much better I can get, by putting in more efforts every day. That keeps me motivated.

Did you change the workout or diet plans?

I still follow the same diet that I had mentioned above. I have no plans of shifting my diet to a normal one anytime soon.



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