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Riza’s Powerlifting Journey

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At 89 Kgs Riza had decided to make a difference to his lifestyle. Depressed by mockings and taunts from his friends and with a strong will power his brother had helped him achieve a life of confidence and class. He believed in the quote that ‘Life is exclusively how you make it to be’’.  He had set himself on a mission to ‘purge the pudge’ through a journey of perspiration.

Age 21 Gender Male



 Weight  89 Kg  67 Kg
 Height  5′ 3″  Transformation period  7 months
 Gym Pulse 8  Trainer Self


Lifestyle Prior to Change

What was your Lifestyle prior to your transformation?

I was least bothered about my health and like any other teenager I was addicted to junk food and had lots of sweets, puddings and aerated juices. As most parents nowadays, mine parents didn’t really care that I was fat, they would just let me eat whatever I wanted to eat. So I never realised what bad i was doing to my body. The thought of exercising or working out never struck my mind.

What was your turning point?

In may 2015, I realised that I had put on an immense amount of weight in the last 1 year and I had reached a point where my friends had begun to taunt me. People would just grab any subject to throw at my face how fat I was, At that time I didn’t really care what they said, I just wanted to keep on living my routine. In may I had taken a firm decision on changing my life and be an inspiration to others.

Were there any unique challenges or difficulties you faced ?

I started off by myself without any trainer’s help and found it very difficult to cope up with the speed. I was not able to see any desired effect and began to lose hope. I had almost given up on my target when I finally decided to give it a last shot at the gym. I convinced my parents to join a gym and take the help of a personal trainer.

Were there any circumstances when you had to face failures?

Initially I totally gave up on my schedule and aim as I could not see any desired result or change in my body. Infact I began to put on more weight in spite of working out. I had almost become depressed because of lack of planning and determination and thought to myself that I was only going to get fatter.

What was your motivation when you had faced a failure?

My younger brother who was more fit than me had began to support me with my workout. He suggested that I join a gym and also told me that he would accompany me in my fitness challenge that I had with myself. I joined the gym with him immediately .

Transformation Timeline

Please provide the transformation details, when you started the transformation, what were the milestones along the way and how the transformation ended.

Transformation Start:

May 2016. At this point I was chubby and had lot of slobbish fat in my lower belly. Started to care about life and so my journey to a fit life begun.

Milestone 1:

I had been working out for a couple of months, lost a lot of fat and was committed to it. I mostly worked on a 10kg dumbbell, and I was sticking to bodyweight training.

Milestone 2:

I started working out with 50kg bench pressing, almost every day, and after a week I went from 5 reps to 15 reps with 50kg. I fell in love with the gains.

Transformation End:

December 2016: Lost a tremendous amount of body fat and lost weight from 89kgs and transformed myself with evidently visible abs and triceps.

What do you think was the hardest part during your transformation ?

The most difficult and worst part of training is losing the lower belly fat which took me almost a time period of 4 months to lose it. With strenuous concentration exclusively only on lower belly for months i finally got rid of the stubborn fat. My next most difficult part was to lose the fat from the love handles.

Were there any compromises you had to make to achieve your targets ?

I was somebody who was addicted to Junk food and sweets. Given up on them was the toughest and most challenging part of my life. The temptations and cravings I had was almost impossible for me to control in the initial stages which i later got used to.

Training Approach

How much workout you did during the transformation ?

I followed a strict routine of exercising for 1 hour 15 minutes on a daily basis at the gym . I also followed floor exercises at home early in the mornings.

What was your workout split during the transformation ?

My training split was high intensity training 3 days a week, along with cardio. Each day in the intensity training days composed of abs concentrated workouts and other 3 days of the week I would do powerlifting training, mainly composed of one main lift (like deadlifts). I would vary the exercises for the trained muscles week by week.

What were the different workouts you did ?

I followed a routine concentrating each body part individually.

Day 1, 3, 5 – Core ( abs and back)

Day 2, 4, 6 – Upper body, (arms and shoulders).

I would vary the weight lifting weights weekly. For a week I trained my calf muscles for hypertrophy and the other week I aimed at side cuts. Then, I would switch the parts the following week.

What was the ratio of cardio and weight training during your transformation ?

Cardio is equally important for the body just as how much weight training is. In the beginning stages I concentrated on cardio to lose the excess belly fat and then gradually reduced the ratio of cardio. Now I follow a 4:6 ratio , 4 being cardio and 6 being weightlifting.

Please detail your cardio approach during your transformation.

Circuit Training 20 minutes x 2 days 40 minutes a week
Indoor Cycling 30 minutes x 3 days 90 minutes a week
High Intensity Interval Training 25 minutes x 2 days 50 minutes a week


Please detail your weight training approach during your transformation.

  • Leg press
  • Lunge
  • Deadlift
  • Seated calf raise
  • Bench press

What all things you learned about exercise, weight training, cardio during your transformation that helped you to achieve your targets ?

The most helpful part for me was the main power lifting exercises. I realised that would definitely get you satisfied on the results.

My main motivational tools were fitness youtubers and movies. I visualised myself in them and kept myself going without giving it a second thought. The gains I had begun to achieve made me lot more motivated and satisfied and helped me work harder.

Diet and Supplement Plan

What diet you followed during your transformation ?

The worst thing you could do to your body is to starve yourself. I gave my body sufficient amounts of intake so that it had enough proteins and carbohydrates to burn the necessary calories.

How many meals you were having throughout the day?

I had more than 6 meals every day as I did not want to keep myself hungry while working out. I had  limited my carb intake and calorie intake.

What was the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in your diet ?

I consumed a higher proportion of proteins in my diet and kept the fat to the least extent possible. I consumed proteins to an extent of 65%, Fat 5% and carbohydrate to 30%.

Can you give an example of what your daily meal plan looks like ?

Pre-Workout Green Tea
Breakfast Salad bowl, low fat mayonnaise. carrots
Snack 2 eggs, 1 Banana
Lunch Pulses and kidney Beans
Post-Workout Chicken breast- Boiled or grilled
Dinner 2 chapatis, Glass of milk


Were there any diet or nutrition mistakes you made during your transformation ?

I realised that I did not take proper protein supplements and regret on that . Initially my protein intake was really low and later increased it when I realised that was a mistake.

What all things you learned about diet and nutrition during your transformation that helped you to achieve your targets ?

  • I learnt that the greener the vegetables the better it is for your body.
  • Not all fruits support weight loss program. Fruits like Mangoes and bananas have a lot of carbohydrate content in them and should be avoided.
  • Sugar free cubes are the worst thing you could be giving to your body. It should be comprehended that it is just a marketing technique .

Did you allow yourself cheat meals ?

Yes Of course. I could not resist my favourite food for more than six days at a stretch. On weekends i gave myself a break from my strict diet plan.

Did you use any supplements during your transformation ?  If yes, what supplements you used ?

No supplements used.

Advice for others

What tips or advice you would like to give to someone who is looking forward to make their own transformation?

  • Don’t keep thinking if you should go for it or not. The more you delay the closer it is to not happening.
  • Be consistent in your workouts. Even if you cannot do with same intensity everyday at least make sure you do it for a little while. That will help you from not quitting.
  • It is always better to have a gymming partner. That way even if one loses motivation, looking at your friend you will want to do better.

How do you stay motivated ?

I would say, start watching some motivational videos and movies. Think of how good your body would look if you were in their place. Also, have someone to idolize and think that if they did it, the only thing stopping you from doing it is willpower and yourself.

What advice you would give to someone who is facing problems in following the path of transformation ?

The most important advice I could give to anybody is “To be patient.” You cannot and will not achieve anything in a month or 2 . It takes months of determination and consistency to get your desired body physique .

Lifestyle Now, After Transformation

What is your lifestyle now, after you have achieved this transformation ?

I still continue to work out and exercise at home. I have got myself weights and a bench press and continue to follow a strict diet for at least 4 times a week. I give myself more frequent cheat meal days but make sure to burn the calories I consume.

How do you still keep yourself motivated to keep improving yourself ?

I get a lot of attention from lot of people which is a big motivation for me. I could not have been any more confident in my life. Taking me as an inspiration my mother has also joined a gym and started eating clean. Most of the times I look at myself in the past, and it is more of a reminder of what I’ve managed to become with hard work and consistency.All this has only motivated me to get better.

Did you change the workout or diet plans ?

No I still follow the same diet for breakfast and lunch . I have started consuming more quantities of carbohydrates for dinner which has slightly changed my diet compared to my previous one.

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