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Akshay kumar Dropped Body Fat and Looks Shredded !

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They say, eat healthy stay wealthy. They say it right.
The major drawback in the living style of the younger generation today is improper diet and laziness towards exercise, which ultimately leads to obesity. Many people among us have been through this stage, while others have had acquaintances with people who have been through it. But what we demand of is a better lifestyle for the upcoming generation and thus, in a recent interview with Akshay Kumar, we bring to you a true story of determination which can lead one towards a more fitter and healthier life.


Age 25 Gender Male



 Weight  75 Kg  70 Kg
 Height  5′ 8″  Transformation period 3 Months
 Body Fat 22%  8%


When and Why did you choose to transform?

Pretty much like students- hostel life where you cannot get a proper diet, no workout, thus a lazy aroma all around. I would attend only the routine study classes and would come back to the hostel. It was only in the 3rd year that I planned a proper diet for myself. I began by eating clean and healthy which clearly meant no junk. The entire thing has had its result from a 3-month transformation process.

Seeing other people who were almost my age and were hit by obesity, I wondered my future would be pretty much alike, whereby, even I would have the look of an uncle with a big fat stomach. Again, while looking at film stars and reading articles about healthy life, I was beginning to get inspired towards a better style of living. One such motivation was Hrithik’s transformation for the movie Krrish.

Certainly, being in the hostel, to follow a healthy lifestyle was tough. I had to manage stuff on my own- I got myself an induction stove and cooked. It happened so many times that I lost competitions but I was determined to never stop. I told myself- “keep moving”.

At times I lost hope but then I looked back at my own journey. It is important as every journey is more or less of a roller coaster ride. I did lose competitions but later won them. I was not here to stop. I started nutrition consultancy, read inspiring feedback from people and joined squats family. I did everything possible that kept me going.

Transformation Timeline

Akshay had fixed small targets for himself which he made sure he completed. Hereby, he talks about the progress which he has logged while transformation:
‘It was a 3-month long process. I was almost illiterate and did not have knowledge of the calorie intake or the steps I need to consider for getting fit. I knew nothing about clean eating or healthy diet or how do I give a short to the 6 pack abs dream. I had to learn about taking the proper ratio of protein, carbs, fats. I absolutely knew nothing.’

Training Approach

I worked out for 5-6 days a week which involved weight training for around 90 minutes a day followed by very little cardio, then stairs, skipping and lastly swimming. It was more of a “no equipment” session. I took split between cardio, weight training and other workouts which involved something like swimming, yoga etc. I focused on swimming and my regime had 10 % of cardio while 90% of weight.

I had a different session which sometimes involved single while sometimes it had double. It also had volume training with great intensity.

I had a lot of injuries due to lack of knowledge. I watched youtube videos and learnt on my own. I really did not have any proper guidance but I never gave up. I kept reading a lot about forms to enhance my knowledge.

Diet and Supplement Plan

I referred online for my diet chart and I particularly took guidance from body building.com. I learned how quantified nutrition was important, litres including lean meat, chicken, eggs and soya. One must avoid sugar and consume fruits. The main focus should be on green veggies and the water intake must be 5 litres.

You must keep it in your mind that it is the calorie take that is important and not the number. Make changes on a daily basis. What matters is the daily macro intake. Plan the cheat meals as a part of your diet. Everything should be planned according to your goal.

Supplements aren’t necessary. They can be easily replaced with whole food grains, which contains protein, fish oil, multivitamins, amino acids, creatine, glutamine. A good knowledge is important and one must plan accordingly. It doesn’t mean that everyone should have a similar pattern, it can vary from person to person based on their diet plan.

Advice for others

  • Proper research about everything should be made a priority and also consider the pros as well as cons about them.
  • Quantify Nutrition and the Good workout is keywords to success.
  • An improper lifestyle should be changed and this can be done by giving yourself time.
  • While making a plan keep in consideration that your goals remain realistic- where you were and where you have to reach, the picture should be clear.
  • The importance of trainer/ mentor or dietitian in transformation depends upon the knowledge, as to how to monitor the training progress, and what intake of nutrition is necessary. Consultancy regarding this is of great importance. I am a living example of transformation and I did it without a trainer. If it worked for me it can work for others too.
  • Micros and Macros, both are important when it comes to diet.  But unfortunately, we do not get purity in it. It must be noted that minerals, as well as vitamins too, play a vital role in our diet.  Thus everything should be taken in a balanced way.

Cheat Sheet for Diet and Workout

Diet: It must be noted that there is no plan that fits for everyone. It is important to understand your body. Focus on your plus points. The training session and style differs from person to person. True that volume training is important but it is the resistance training that is meant for human beings. One must not pressure oneself with it,  instead learn to enjoy this lifestyle. Play with it and it will be a great success.

Workout: Quantified nutrition is the key to everything. As individual BMI and BMR differs the diet also changes from person to person. Therefore I won’t give a fixed plan but the whole idea around which is revolves.

Thanks to SQUATS

It is true that all the transformation that I have achieved today is the result of my hard work and determination but there is certainly one group that has helped me in reaching to what I am today. It is the Squats group. This is basically a group of people wherein they give proper guidance about health as well as nutrition. I myself took guidance from them and today it feels such an honour in revealing that I am a part of the group. I work as a nutrition consultant with them. I am actually grateful to the group, as it had a major role in helping to bring out the best version of me.

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