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Abhishek’s Incredible 110 Pounds Weight Loss Journey !

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Maximum people in the current scenario deal with weight as a common problem. It not just dimes our personality but also increases the risk of health issues. Improper diet and unfit body is a risk to life. It is definitely no news, we all are well aware about this fact and we very easily erase it with the excuse of lack of time in a busy life. But Abhishek in a recent interview reveals how technique and experience can always play a vital role in being not just fit but absolutely fine. From being a bulk he covers a journey of being Mr. Delhi. Here is a light on his part of story.


Age 30 Gender Male



 Weight  269 Pounds  159 Pounds
 Height  5′ 8″  Transformation period 2 years
 Body Fat


When and Why did you choose to transform?

It was in 2007 that I started to focus on my transformation process and begun with bodybuilding. Later I participated in the Mr. Delhi contest twice and also won it by securing 3rd position and 2nd position. But in 2010, I left workout to continue with my normal routine. Then again in 2013 I started with my transformation schedule and this was after I had gained 122 kg. But with focused determination I ended up with on 72 kg in the year 2015. It was then that I won the Mr. Delhi title (3rd position), North India (2nd position) and got selected for Mr. India. Unfortunately I couldn’t participate in it due to my health issues.

Abhishek decided to take up transformation as his increased weight brought along a lot of problems for him, such as, no availability of clothes in market and health issues which later lowered his self-confidence.

What was your Lifestyle prior to your transformation ?

My calorie intake prior to the transformation thing was really high,  more over I did not even workout. What was worse that I had a sitting job at my jewelry business and while meeting clients I ended up eating heavy mid time snacks which included junk like coke, samosas and all that fried stuff with low hygienic quality.

The turning point in my life was when I participated in North India but secured second position due to discrimination. The judges were bribed to declare someone else as the winner and therefore I could not win. At that point I decided to work out discrimination for federation. And here I am currently working in General Sec of Haryana and Joint Sec of India for BNB Federation.

I would also like to mention that I did not go through any unique difficulties but it was just the atmosphere around me that pushed me towards this change. Let us say, I read a book of Swami Vivekananda which said,“everything is possible if you want”, it really inspired me. Also people around me taunted me like “tu kabhi kuch nahi kar payega”, I took this criticism in the most positive way and here I am. That is what I meant,  just look around, you will yourself find reasons for change.

If I talk about failures there were nothing much. I just acted wisely, for instance, if I went to any party or marriage I made sure I drink  only lemon water and I got serious about my workout. Even if it was mid night I followed my routine in order to burn enough calories

Transformation Timeline

In my transformation process I had set small targets for myself and I made sure that I meet them sincerely.

Training Approach

I started my working out for 3-4 hours in the morning while 2-3 hours in evening. The work out involved splits between cardio, weight training and other workouts like swimming, yoga etc. The main focus has been on weight training and yoga. For weight training I adopted the plan of single body part that is to say, 2 body parts per week. This was the only special focus that I gave on body parts.

It must be noted that injuries are very common during this regime and therefore precaution is must. I suffered from a shoulder injury while I was practicing decline fly dumbbell, also I injured my elbow due to low calorie diet. I would thereby suggest that be careful and take proper diet. Only exercise won’t help, food is as much important.

Diet and Supplement Plan

If I talk about my diet plan I would say there was nothing special in it. I took around 400-500 kcal diet. It inculcated about 4-5 small meals in a day.

But I maintained a proper chart, whereby I did not consume any carbs after 7 in the evening. Also the carbs I took were in the form of sweetcorn or cornflakes which I consumed in morning. For protein I relied on fish and dal while fats were consumed with the help of peanut butter.

I did not allow any cheat meals in my diet plan. Even in case of some kind of special occassions I preferred homemade chapati and no junk.

I also relied on supplements such as protein, glutamine and BCAA (for amino acid).

Advice for others

A few steps should be kept in mind so as to achieve the desired goals. These can be enlisted as,

DO’S: be patient, focus on proper diet control, follow proper workout, and the intake of supplements should be limited.

DONT’S: do not ever go for steroids and take care that you do not take an over dosage of the supplements.

You must also note that a good trainer is of utmost importance. Go for one who has practical knowledge, experience and not just bookish knowledge.

It is important to understand that our diet plays 100% role in our transformation. Thus, for best results it is necessary to have a controlled diet. Even the supplements will work only if we consume proper diet.

There are also side effects to excessive diet control as it would lead to internal weakness. Therefore a proper balance is needed. Also excessive intake of supplements can adversely affect liver and kidneys. A prescribed limit for them should be followed to dismiss these effects.

Cheat Sheet for Diet and Workout.

Diet : A diet which I would suggest to others will involve, early morning: apple/black coffee followed by gym. The breakfast can consist of oats/dalia, milk double toned or fresh fruit juices, sprouts. After a gap of 2 hours intake of a bowl of fruits would be great. For lunch, boiled dal, boiled veggies, 1 or 2 chapati or brown rice with a big bowl of salad is must. Again after a gap of 2 hours a cup of tea or coffee but without sugar or 1 big bowl of fruits can be taken. Next, with 2 hours gap one must go for dry fruits or fresh fruit juice or 4-5 boiled egg(white). This must be followed by a workout. Lastly, dinner. This can include boiled dal, green salad, fish or boiled chicken.

Workout: I would suggest that for the 1st month it is essential to concentrate over  cardio. This can be done by joining proper gym which helps in boosting up stamina and then slowly and steadily move towards weight training.

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