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Change over temptation | Priya Chandra

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Priya is a young and successful girl of 22 years. She hosts shows and has a great personality but what dragged her down was her own style of living or lets us say, eating. It was in the last year of June that she realised what has she done to herself. She tried but failed. She stood again as a warrior to never look back. Priya took up the three-month challenge and almost lost 10kgs. She next aspires to be a part of Miss. India. In a recent conversation with her, she talks about her failures and success elaborating on every step.


Age 22 Gender Female



 Weight  70 Kg  60 Kg
 Height  5′ 6″  Transformation period 3 Months
 Body Fat 36%  21%


When and why did you choose to transform?

Basically, I am an anchor, so I need to host shows and after party was a ritual routine. I used to socialise and party a lot and it meant that there remains a cycle of full-time junk which I ate vigorously. As I stay away from my family, therefore, I had no access to home cooked food and thus, I ended up ordering junk like pizza and burger half of the time. I had put on a lot of weight but my profession demanded me to be presentable. I was still not serious about getting into shape and started using substitutes instead, I wore tummy tuckers to fake my shaped stomach.

It was last year of June when I realised it was high time that I should get serious about myself. I was hosting my show when one of my clients came up and what he said really hurt me. He told me, “ma’am even though you look pretty but you look fat”. That felt like a slap in my face. And it was the turning point in my life. Before that, I ate maida and mutton all the time but I knew I had to stop all this.

My profession required a presentable personality but I was losing it. To get fit, I had to face many challenges. I started with GM diet by myself but I could not follow it strictly. I failed badly as I lacked determination and focus. I was tempted by food but I had to control. Once I started doing the GM I lost weight but as soon as I stopped the diet the weight jumped back with some crazy speed. I gained immensely. Moreover, I was a chain smoker and I used to drink a lot. It too had an adverse affect on my body making it weak. So I had to work on that as well, which meant I had a double challenge for myself.

And trust me I had to face a lot of failures. Yes, I tried hard to lose weight but I could not stick to a plan. Initially, it was very difficult. I took proper diet for a month but the next month I was again eating all that junk.

It was then that I meet this S.Q.U.A.T.S group which was my only saviour. I saw it on Facebook and was completely in awe to see how people were losing weight in such less time. I then found that one of my friend Abhinav Kumar is also a member of the group. It was under his guidance that I started following a proper diet and workout plan. I would thank the group and Abhinav Kumar and Jitender Chouksey for bringing out the best results in me. After seeking a lot of failures I was determined to change. I took the 3 months challenge that the group organises. I started from April and now I feel so good. I stopped my cheat diets and now just focus on healthy food.

Thanks  to SQUATS group and Jitendra Chouksey & Abhinav Kumar

Training Approach

If we talk about my workout plan I would say that I work out twice a day, three hours in the morning and three hours in evening. But this is not important. You can do with once in a day. I have started enjoying it and thus I do it twice.

For my workout, I prefer only weight training as it helps you work on fat and muscles. I feel good now. I don’t consider cardio as it leaves your muscles fluffy. I won’t recommend them either. I do not go for anything else. I am bad at swimming as I have lost energy due to smoking. But I am working on that too.

For my weight training, I work on every part of the body. The upper body can’t be done two days together as it needs rest so my plan goes accordingly. I majorly focus on my legs. I do squats to get a good shape, that remains a special focus.

I also faced a lot of challenges in the beginning. Breathing technique is necessary.  I was bad at it but with proper training and under the guidance of Abhinav Kumar I learnt it all- the posture and training. What helped me the most was the criticism that I had received from people in the past, who called me names like moti or “bhais”. But now I feel beautiful.

Diet and Supplement Plan

There is nothing like a special diet. Everyone needs their own diet. Most importantly you need a mindset to follow. The interest is a must. I was on a Key to Diet where I consumed high protein and high-fat diet. Now I am on a depletion diet which involves only boiled chicken or boiled eggs. I have said a complete no to refined oil, it is not at all healthy,  go for ghee or butter instead.

I do not focus on a number of meals but on the intake of calories. I eat whenever I feel hungry my aim is to meet my calories. I fulfil my Macros. I started with 1200 and in the key to diet, I went to 1400. Now I am on a depletion diet so I take 800.

My diet has no carbs, I take 10 egg whites and 200 gms of boiled chicken a day for protein,  and again no fat as I am on depletion diet.

I will have cheat diets only when I am done with my challenge. And after that, I will take them only once a month.

I would also say that supplements are necessary. I take multivitamins, Revital, one tablet a day. Your intake of Macros is easy but micronutrients are essential as well. Also, drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated. I also take Alaska Omega 3 balance in the body.

Advice for others

If I had to advise anyone else I would say just set your mind. If you have interest you can meet your goal.

Also, there is a great importance of a trainer or a mentor. It is important. Experience counts. I started with GM, I lost weight, I stopped, I gained. All this because I did not have guidance. Now under this group and Abhinav, I am doing very fine. He has a good experience and it actually helps. You gain knowledge so much so that now I myself can train people which I do. Soon I will be a nutrition consultant in the group.

I have learned how basic supplements are necessary. There is no side effect if you take them in a decent amount but do not go for steroids ever. Also, junk is not good. Take proper protein it makes you strong. Eat healthily. If nothing else just workout. To keep your body doing well, work out is a must.

Cheat Sheet for Diet and Workout.

Diet :

If I was a mentor I will go for the calorie intake of the same as BMR if the person is fat. I will stick to a low carb diet. It helps to reduce a lot. After two or weeks If there are a lot of changes in weight and visible changes can be seen then I will put them on keto diet followed by intensive weight training


As a trainer, I will recommend only weight training and no cardio. What is essential is your personal satisfaction and if cardio is what that satisfies you I will still recommend only warm up.

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