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Inspiring story of a fit Mom: Rashmi Agarwal

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“No matter how diligent you are about staying in shape before you have a child, once your boy or girl comes into the world, everything else seems to take a backseat to taking care of a new life. After I had my SON, Shaurya, I was working full time as a Mother and a wife , and feeling like I had to eat a lot to keep up my calories to keep up with my routine. I didn’t feel like there was any time for me. My priority was taking care of my family and being a mom.” When I realised that how eating unhealthy has taken a toll on my health I was already 85 kgs. It is the n that I Started My journey. I had a lot of hurdles. All moms out there can totally relate to me. It’s tough to follow a strict and healthy lifestyle and manage everything else. What kept me going was My Family. I thought out of all the things we can teach our children  is by setting examples. No doubt My husband Vikas has been very supportive in my journey. We together tried to set an example for my son. You can set rules, tell them to be kind, work hard and love others.. but if you’re not practicing it yourself then you can’t expect from them to understand even the simple principle of staying healthy and fit. I hope one day my boy will understand why I work so hard and trying to set an example that they will grow to be like one day. My journey started 2 years back. As i didn’t had much knowledge so I started with Cardio… you just need to step on a treadmill…the easiest thing for us girls…right…haha… After few months of cardio I noticed I am not loosing much. Then one of my friend chirag introduced me to SQUATS , a facebook group that was helping hundreds of people for free. I met Akshay and we became friends and being in the same city and gym , started training together with proper nutrition and workout. Now it has been more than a year. I am happy that I am enjoying my lifestyle. My husband vikas and my son have been super supportive. I am glad to say I run marathons, I lift heavy weights and I follow a quantified nutrition lifestyle. “Your children are going to watch the way that you live and what you do,” . My son has taken part in marathons with us. He has completed 21kms cycling too. What else do you expect from your family and friends.Thanks to everyone who was a part of my journey till date. I love you all.” — Rashmi Agarwal

Age 35 Gender Female



 Weight  75 Kg  55 Kg
 Height  5′ 7″  Transformation period 3 Years
 Body Fat 35%  18%
Online Nutrition coaching platform  Coach
Akshay Kumar


When and why did you choose to transform?

As I am a housewife, therefore, prior to my transformation I always remained busy with my family. It was when we shifted in a new house that I made friends. Eventually, it resulted in a lot of parties with a considerable amount of alcohol as well. I had started to look really fat, I felt ugly and that was the time that I started with my workout.
The only aim to start working out was my family. I seriously did not want them to meet the consequences I had already met. I have a 9-year-old child, and I did not wish him to learn anything ill from me. Moreover, my husband is a marathon runner, so I took inspiration from him as well.

The time I first joined the gym I was guided to do only cardio, the gym instructors kept telling me “madam bhaago madam bhaago”, I wasn’t satisfied. It was then that I hired a trainer. I joined the SQUATS group and under the guidance of my mentor Akshay Kumar I started weight training. Now the scenario is that weight lifting has actually become my passion. With proper gym I also took care of what I eat, I strictly started eating clean and healthy food.
If you ask me about failures, then I would say I did not exactly facing any but yes, I had to mingle with difficulties in my diet. There were times when people would come and demotivate me saying, you don’t look good after losing weight, itna patla hoke kya kroge, pehle zada achi lagti thi and all that stuff. It left me perplexed at times. But I always had my husband on my side. He was the only one who kept me motivated. He supported me throughout and it is for him that I took up the challenge to transform myself.

This is what her husband says about her

Dedication was her quality when it came to life whether it’s family, or any other related events. Full time mother is not an easy job. When I saw her dedication towards the entire routine(gym, diet & lifestyle), I was impressed and she inspires me and our son in every way of life. Like they say, “Keep your squats low and your standards high in life!” — Vikas Agarwal

Transformation Timeline 

 My transformation began when I started running with my husband. I had started feeling changes in my body, my fat percentage went down and I was gaining more confidence. With this, I started lifting weights which once I thought I could never do.

Training Approach

I workout for 2 hours every morning for 6 days while on Sundays I go for running.
In my workout, I focus 20% on cardio and 80% on weight training.
My plan for workout is like, on Tuesday and Thursday I go for hill run and normal running while other days I choose weight training in a certain manner which can be drafted as

Monday:: quads and calves
Tuesday:: chest and triceps
Wednesday:: back and abs
Thursday:: delts
Friday:: hams and glutes
That is I focus on one body part each day.
Also, I faced some problems. Initially, my forms were incorrect. Till date it I go wrong but I try to learn every day from friends, trainer, from squats, my mentor, even JC helped me.

Diet and Supplement Plan

My diet is basically keto diet, LCD.
My diet includes
Morning:: black coffee with butter
After Workout:: protein shake
Breakfast:: 4 whole eggs and n butter
Noon:: 100 gms chicken and butter
Snacks:: almonds and cheese slice
Dinner:: oats, chicken and eggs
Before bed: one scoop whey

I allow myself cheat meals only on weekends otherwise following my routine plan.
I take supplements in form of vitamin c,  fish oil, B12, multivitamins.

Advice for others

 To achieve your goal one needs to totally forget about parties and follow a healthy lifestyle. Start with preparing a diet chart followed by a routine workout.
Also, I would recommend that a trainer or mentor is very important, but it also depends on your dedication. The trainer can just push you, but to bring the change you need to work on your own.
The supplements are essential for nutrition but in a particular amount. If taken systematically it will have no side effects.

Cheat Sheet for Diet and Workout.

Diet: If I were a trainer I would focus more on protein and recommend no junk.
Workout: As a trainer, I would say cardio is important, also 2 days weight training is good. A particular routine gets boring so add fun and do cardio.


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