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Nishtha Sachdeva Visualised Her Way to a Better Body by Doing Yoga

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A lazy life can give room to a lot of problems and then the only path we seek is the English medication system. But it remains a fact, that when everything else fails, the old age norms come to rescue. So why not choose them as the priority. In a recent conversation with a young Delhi girl, Nishtha Sachdeva, we found out, how Yoga came as a key to great lifestyle for her.


Age 21 Gender Female



 Weight  65 Kg  56 Kg
 Height  5′ 5″  Transformation period 18 months


When and why did you choose to transform?

I had completed my 12th and was excited to go to college. The entire year went in exploring the college places which meant little parties, while the rest of the time went in studying. It was only in the second year that I realised that I was getting out of shape and I need to focus on my body as well.

That was actually the turning point,  whereby I had decided that I will take up yoga as a routine.

But trust me,  I had to face a lot of problems initially. It was more difficult for me as I joined a yoga group and to cope up with their speed, flexibility and stamina were next to impossible. Moreover, I was just a teenager who had no patience and wished for quick results, like any other teenager. At times I thought of dropping this idea of yoga,  but the results! I must confess, yoga is slow for sure, but the results it gives is worth it. It gives such a pretty body shape and my skin, body and mind, everything gets healed.

Initially, when I was slow in building the interest my only motivation and guidance were my yoga teacher Mahima Gandhi, in Shiva Shakti Yoga Center. She is actually the reason that I still pursue yoga.

Transformation Timeline

Training Approach

My routine workout plan goes like I perform yoga for 1.5 hours a day for 6 days a week. And I particularly focus only on yoga which involves a complete body workout.






Initially yes, I faced a lot of problems. I broke my leg, twisted my ankle a lot many times. Even today I go wrong at places but now it’s habitual. Whenever anything like that happened I always had my yoga teacher, she always has tricks to lessen the pain. Moreover, the results which yoga pays you back are totally worth all the patience and pain.

Diet and Supplement Plan

If I need to talk about my diet, I would say that it remains a simple diet and nothing like a special plan is involved.

I go for the normal three meals a days thing but ensuring that I take little meals in between, so as to say that I take something in every two hours. And I also focus more on proteins. For eating a proper quantity of protein I go for eggs or paneer.

My diet does not involve a very strict routine and I eat whatever I like. I also allow myself cheat meals for about once or twice a week. But yes I workout accordingly. And also I focus that what I eat is healthy. I do not trust in supplements so home cook food is what I opt the most.

Advice for others

If I need to advise someone else I would first tell them the truth. Yoga is surely a very slow form. It does not bring changes as soon as any other process, for say, swimming or weight training brings. But the matter of fact is, with time when you will start witnessing the results you will observe how much do you glow. It’s not just a process to bring out the external beauty but it helps you be very calm and focused. Yoga works externally as well as internally. You can actually feel the change.

Also I would say that having a trainer or a mentor is of utmost importance. If you do a aashna wrong it can have ill affects. It’s important to know the proper technique, posture, everything.

And yes, do not choose dieting, just maintain a healthy and clean diet.

Cheat Sheet for Diet and Workout.


As a mentor I would suggest that eat home cooked food. It’s the best option we all have. It’s clean and healthy. Also do not keep much gap between your main meals. Allow yourself a little bite in every two hours.


For workout I go for Power Yoga. It’s actually a mixture of both slow as well as fast forms. A single form can make the routine boring but this helps to keep the spirit up and people actually enjoy this more. So I would suggest the same.

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