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Kanish Sharma Shows Off His Shredded Core

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In a quick encounter with Kanish, our today’s fitness influencer, we get to know how self-motivation and determination is the key to achieve our goals. He elaborates on his routine and his drive to get the best for his body, while also giving people around him a zest to be as determined as he himself. In the interview below, let’s catch a glimpse of his experience.


Age Gender Male



 Weight  84  58
 Height  5′ 7″  Transformation period  6 months
 Body Fat  20  5.8


When and why did you choose to transform?

What was your lifestyle prior to your transformation?

My lifestyle was very normal. Like most of us have it. Yes, I did work out on a regular basis but I was constantly partying and therefore eating anything and everything. That clearly means that although I was working out I did not have a good diet. My workout was actually doing me no good as the amount of junk I consumed balanced my exercise in the gym. Prior to my transformation, it is clear that I wasn’t fit.

What was your turning point?

I cannot clearly mention that it was a turning point or so. I always had this motive in my mind, that I need to be perfectly fit. I always wanted to lead a healthy and routine life. But what was lacking was a stage or platform that could boost me towards achieving this goal. It was then this platform that I got which gave me a zest to conquer my shortcomings and it feels so great that in just a time span of 6 months, I was able to grab what I always wanted to. Despite having a vision, at times you require a drive or a push to do things. I was also waiting for that push. It came and I did it.

Were there any unique challenges or difficulties that you faced?

It is very obvious to face challenges when you enter a totally different zone which is strange to you. It was a similar experience for me. The first month of my transformation process, I had to face some drastic changes. But slowly, I was adapting these changes and with time they became slow. I was getting used to everything that was happening to my body. I was completely focused that whatever may happen, I won’t quit and I kept this promise to myself. Steadily I was keen on observing and maintaining each and every part of my body, so I started working on them one after the other. I had to meet problems while doing this but with concentration I achieved it. Also, there arrived complexities when it came to diet, so I had to study a lot about it. Gradually, I perfected myself in that zone too.

Were there any circumstances when you had to face failures?

It isn’t easy to gain success, and success is never a journey of rose bed. It has thorns too attached to it. With the taste of success, there always comes experience packed in shaped of failure. And trust me, I have a lot of such packets. I was so keen to get into shape that I measured myself every day but obviously, changes do not occur so easily. I was certainly disappointed with myself, but I never stopped. I kept experimenting with myself. I changed my diet plans and workout regime. I did everything possible and it was a toast to see and actually feel the changes within.

What was your motivation when you had faced a failure?

You should be determined and give yourself no other option than to just stay focused and bring out the change. Once you put this in your head that you have achieved a goal no matter what, nothing can stop you. I always kept this attitude and this increased my motivation to a great extent.

Training Approach

How much did you workout in a day, how many days a week?

I have a strict regime and I make sure that I follow it properly. I workout twice in a day. It goes like, the morning follows 2.5 hours of workout, while the evening goes for 4 hours.

Split between cardio, weight training and other workouts like swimming, yoga, etc. What did you choose?

I start with weight training in the morning which follows for next 30 minutes to 1 hour. Next, I choose cardio to which I give 3 hours. Other than this I choose to work on my abs.

For weight training, how many body parts you train in a day, and if there is any special focus on any part?

I keep it simple and thus I choose to work on only two muscle a day. This does not create a lot of pressure on me and thus I keep going in a healthy spirit. Rest, I give each day to a body part and it can be framed as:

  • Monday – chest
  • Tuesday – Upper back and lower back
  • Wednesday – Legs
  • Thursday – Biceps triceps
  • Friday – Shoulders
  • Saturday – Legs
  • Sunday – Rest day

Diet and Supplement Plan

Do you follow any special diet plan?

I do not follow any such special diet plan. My sole aim remains to grab a certain amount of calories that are necessary for my body to run smoothly. Therefore my focus sticks to only that. I make sure that whatever I eat and I meet my target of taking 1500-2500 calories.

The split of carbs, protein and fat ratio

If I need to sketch my ratio, it can be accounted that I take 60% protein, 30% carbohydrates, and 10% fat.

Do you take any supplements, if yes, please list them?

Yes, I do intake some essential supplements but they are just to meet my protein quotient. I go for Protein whey, BCAA, Glutamine, carnitine, and multivitamin muscle tech.

Do you allow yourself cheat meal?

I do not believe in cheat meals. What is the use of all this when you allow your body junk once in awhile? It simply means that you cannot control your wants. It is just a desire and I know to work on it. For those who allow themselves cheat meals, I believe that they aren’t serious about this transformation thing. And they are nothing but cheaters for me, while I am definitely not one of those.

Advice for others

What someone should not be doing and should be doing to achieve their goals?

There are some key points that one must always remember and work accordingly. This is a serious task and to accomplish this, one needs a good determination. Therefore I would suggest some of the following points.

  1. Focus on your dream
  2. No replacement over hard work
  3. Getting ripped is difficult
  4. Follow a self-less trainer and trust him
  5. Diet is very important, 90 % is diet only

Consider yourself as a trainer, what plan you will suggest to those who are what you were before and what be like to be what are you today.

The most important thing is to create a mindset. Be mentally ready to achieve what you want to. Once you are mentally prepared, give your best to get the desired results. Nothing but self-motivation can help you and that is the key.

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