How Sanjay found the Drive to Lose 61 Pounds

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Remaining stuck in the lazy ways of life of these days can possibly lead to an unhealthy life, resulting in common drawbacks such as overweight or obesity. Sanjay was also attacked by a similar life where he gained weight which was certainly undesirable. It was then that it hit it in the face and he opted to get in shape.
Age 23 Gender Male



 Weight  106 Kg  78 Kg
 Height  5′ 10″  Transformation period  6 months


When and why did you choose to transform?

What was your Lifestyle prior to your transformation?

My lifestyle was very much like any other college going guy. I had a normal college life where we would indulge ourselves in consumption of a lot of junk food and also we would use our personal vehicles for transportation, hence, no exercise at all. To sum up  I can put it straight that I was into no physical activity whatsoever.

What was your turning point?

Well, the turning point was a major one. I although knew that I was putting on unhealthy fat but I never knew that it would be so much so that it would be difficult for me to get clothes of my size. Lately, I discovered that it was getting impossible for me to get clothes of my size and it did hit my self-esteem. It was somewhere that moment where I decided to change my shape and living style.

Were there any unique challenges or difficulties you faced?

Obviously, it is very difficult in the beginning. For me, it was particularly even harder. As I mentioned earlier, I have involved absolutely in no physical activity and suddenly giving myself in a workout was certainly a task. I was a person who would use bike even for the shortest distance, therefore I hardly ever walked, exercise was nowhere on the charts. That is the reason when I started gyming my body would ache badly. But yes, gradually my body got used to the changes and now I am totally comfortable in my socks.

Were there any circumstances when you had to face failures?

I did not face any such failure, only that my body took time to adapt. My start was really slow as per the condition of my body.

What was your motivation when you had faced a failure?

My motivation was no one else but my own self-realization that I need to bring in the change.

Transformation Timeline

Training Approach

How much did you workout in a day, how many days a week?

I workout 6 days a week and two to two and half an hour a day.

Split between cardio, weight training and other workouts like swimming yoga etc. 

I go for cardio and weight training, both to get into shape and to build strength. My daily routine can be figured out as, 1 hour- cardio and stomach exercise and 1-1.5 hour- weight training

For weight training, you can mention how many body parts you were training in a day if there is a special focus on any body part?

Monday        Chest

Tuesday       Triceps

Wednesday   Back

Thursday       Biceps

Friday            Shoulder

Saturday        Legs



If you have faced any challenge or injuries while working out if your form were correct initially or someone helped you correct it?

Initially I was new to all this and certainly, I needed guidance. I am basically from Kaithal and my gym trainer here helped me a lot in gaining what would otherwise have been just a dream for me.

Diet and Supplement Plan

If you have followed any special diet plan?

I do follow a special diet which is crafted for me by my trainer and I try to strictly follow it. It contains boiled eggs and boiled vegetables in a large amount. What is important here in my diet is to say complete no to junk food. And I have prohibited that. To get in shape and to lead a healthy life it is really important to dump junk.

How many meals in a day?

It is always suggested to take small meals in a few intervals and I follow the same rule. In a day, I take around 4-5 small meals in which I consume sufficient enough for my body. It is important to have a proper amount of good to get energy and strength.

The split of carbs, protein, and fat?

I do not calculate a lot as my main aim remains to give my body sufficient amount of food which it requires more of protein and less of carbs and fat. Hence, to draft roughly I can put that my intake of protein is 50% while of carbs and fat is 25% each.

No of cheat meals in a week/ Month and its impact?

To be honest,  I do not allow myself cheat meals and even if I do I do that only on Sundays. But even that won’t affect me adversely as my cheat meals are also cooked at home and thus hygiene is taken proper care of.

Supplements if taken, please list it?

I go for only one supplement and that is also for my protein fulfillment. The supplement which I take is Hard Core Diesel by Muscle Farm. It helps in reaching the desired amount of protein. It is readily available in the market and is a way to effective.

Advice for others

What someone should not be doing and should be doing to achieve their goals?

Willpower is the key to everything. If you want to achieve something, set a goal and even before that, prepare yourself mentally to achieve that goal. Nothing is impossible if you have set your heart for meeting the result. Therefore, I would say, willpower should be strong and upright. Also, exercise alone would not do anything, a proper diet is also necessary. Diet should be controlled and only then can exercise help.

Importance of trainer/ mentor or dietitian in transformation?

Before starting anything new, all of us needs a guide or a mentor who could acknowledge is about the genre. Similarly,  I believe there is a great importance of a trainer in a gym. He can guide us to the best levels, by setting a proper exercise as well as food chart for us. If one does not want to hire a trainer, they can also rely on the internet to learn more. They can use hit and trial method on themselves. But any kind of guidance is important.

Importance and side effects of diet and supplements which you had?

I don’t think that I faced any sort of drawback with the diet I follow or the supplements I took. In fact, it’s the other way round. I feel more healthy now, and I have lost so much.

Cheat Sheet for Diet and Workout.


Your diet must be such where you do not starve, that is, eat to the satisfaction of being full but take notice that it’s healthy. I would suggest food of high protein and fewer carbs and fat.


At an initial stage, work according to your strength and do not push your body into intense training. First and foremost strengthen your body, build the stamina and later work as per that.

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