Body after Baby: How Mansi Lost Over 50 Pounds After Pregnancy

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Being a mom is a whole new feeling. It is heavenly but it comes with a number of responsibilities and a sudden setback. Mansi, our super mom, talks about the hard times she went through and how she overcame all of them. In a detailed interaction with her, we find out how it becomes a task to manage your body post pregnancy. She elaborates about her life after her delivery, with her twins and her corporate job. Mansi comes as a true inspiration for so many moms out there.
Age 30 Gender Female



Weight 90 Kg 66 Kg
Height 160 cm Transformation Period  9 months


When and why did you choose to transform?

What was your Lifestyle prior to your transformation?

My transformation was a result of my pregnancy. I gained a lot of weight due to my pregnancy. Moreover, I had this twins case, which meant that I should take proper rest. Most of my time was spent in bed just resting as I was advised by my doctor. I was allowed very limited movement, all this was directly proportional to sudden weight gain and an unhealthy, unfit body.

What was your turning point?

All this while I could actually notice how I was gaining weight, but I could seriously not do much then. After I had given delivery of my kids, it became important for me to get active and back to life. I had to improve my movements. For my kids, I had to start living a healthy life again.

Were there any unique challenges or difficulties you faced?

I faced a very different kind of problem. I could not possibly work out with two kids by my side. So gymming was totally out of frame. With job and kids, it was completely impossible. Therefore, what I decided was going for a dietitian. I had to start something healthy for myself and in this case, my dietitian was the only go to person.

Were there any circumstances when you had to face failures?

If you look at the graph of my weight loss, there is one thing that happened in my favor and it is that my body was consistent in losing weight. Therefore, that was a boost up for me. But the bigger challenge was to go to my workplace. You are bound to maintain a decorum while at your workplace, but the weight I had made it all more difficult for me. So I would consider that as my biggest challenge.

What was your motivation when you had faced a failure?

Who else could be my motivation other than my own kids? I wanted to be all energized and active for them. They need me and for them, I had to transform myself. The care for my kids was the key that led me to this transformation.

Transformation Timeline

Training Approach

How much did you workout in a day, how many days a week?

Okay now, this is something I always wanted to do but I haven’t been able to do until now. With kids and office and household chores you hardly get time. Moreover when your kids are so young to leave them on their own.

I mentioned earlier that I completely focused and maintained what my dietitian told me to do, other than that I am not involved in any kind of exercise or workout. So my workout is going to the office in the morning and later engaging myself with the kids.

Diet and Supplement Plan

If you have followed any special diet plan?

There is nothing like a very special regime of diet. It’s just that I focus on homemade food. It is more hygienic and always healthy.

How many meals in a day?

So my daily meal involves 3 main meals and 2 small meals.

The split of carbs, protein, and fat?

My main focus remains on the intake of high protein. For that, I rely two days on high protein intake. Rest days I stick to a balanced diet. And yes, I do not take rice at all.

No of cheat meals in a week/ Month and its impact?

Yes, I do go for cheat meals, but they are as small as 2 days a month.

Supplements if taken, please list it?

No, I do not take supplements of any sort.

Advice for others

What someone should not be doing and should be doing to achieve their goals?

There are some basic rules and things that one has to follow.

  1. Eat healthy food.
  2. Avoid junk completely.
  3. Cut down your sugar intake.
  4. Stick only to vegetable oil.
  5. Avoid eating gravy.
  6. Most importantly, take at least 2-3 liters of water in a day.

Importance of trainer/ mentor or dietitian in transformation?

In my case, my only help was my dietitian and I would say that a dietitian does help a lot. The advantage is that you have a plan ready for yourself. In that case, it gets easy to follow. It further helps you to keep a proper check on food intake. The point here is that each body is different and sometimes you don’t know that what might suit it or not. A dietitian is experienced in his/her field and he/she can always tell you better.

Importance and side effects of diet and supplements which you had?

I didn’t take any supplements so I did not come across any side effects.

Cheat Sheet for Diet and Workout

Consider yourself as a trainer, what. diet plan you will suggest to those of who are what you were before and what be like what you are today?

My transformation has been gradual and I would like to follow this for my lifetime. If I have to suggest someone I would recommend them home cooked food. One must completely ignore processed food. Take as much as home cooked food but no junk or processed item.

Consider yourself as a trainer, what workout plan you will suggest to those of who are what you were before and what be like what you are today?

I believe that workout and weight training are both really important. I am not myself into it right now but I would really want to be in it in the long run.

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