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Exercise During Period: Everything You Need To Know

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Exercising during periods does not seem like a very good idea considering the pain and discomfort women go through during their shark week. The cramps, the bloating, mood swings get on your nerves so much so that you barely feel like moving an inch, let alone doing exercises. It is more than normal to feel low on energy in the first few days. But did you know exercising during periods can help you with menstrual cramps and PMS?
Before criticizing it by calling it a crazy idea, try exercising and you will know for yourself. Even though debatable, exercising during periods has no negative repercussions on the body. Not only can it assuage your cramp problems, but it can also help keep your mind off of it. Let us apprise you with its benefits at length.

Why Exercise During Period is a MUST

Exercising enhances blood circulation and alleviates menstrual cramps

While exercising, your body releases chemicals called endorphins and this reduces the sensation of pain by sending receptors in the brain. Exercising reduces stress levels and consequently, alleviates cramps as stress is one of the reasons that cause menstrual cramps. Also, like every physical activity, it also pumps your blood circulation.

Regulates irregular periods naturally

Exercising can bring your menstrual cycle back on track. Being physically active during the days when your date is close coupled with a healthy diet can regulate your periods. There are some fruits and herbs that act as emmenagogues(a herb that stimulates blood flow in the pelvic area and uterus, thereby causing menstruation) and can help bring about a late or irregular period. Try to eat some pineapples, papaya, and parsley along with exercise and you will be relieved.

Lifts your mood and fights PMS

PMS and mood swings are a part and parcel of every woman’s life. However, it varies from person to person. Not everyone has mood swings while some experience these in the first few days or even some days prior to the exact period. Getting your body moving or exercising triggers a positive feeling in the body that wards of every shred of discomfort or pain from the body.

Enhances Performance

A study has proven that exercising during the days of the period optimizes performance and that it is better to exercise during the last two weeks of your cycle. The pain of the period gets drowned out because of the workout and you become stronger despite everything.

Ensures better sleep

This is especially for women who have trouble while sleeping during the periods. Exercising can help you sleep more sound and better. Running some distance or doing yoga can relax your muscles. This is a time when women need more rest and sleep. Exercise enable them to feel more at peace and relaxed. Body temperature drops immediately after exercise, resulting in the stimulation of sleep.

Periods may be the best time for HIIT

High- intensity interval training has been considered as the best workout during periods by some doctors.
What happens is that the estrogen and progesterone levels dip as soon as periods start. So, women can access glycogen more conveniently as compared to the times when estrogen levels are high as at that time, we rely on a slow breakdown of fat. Therefore, the hormone shift makes fuel more available to your body, forcing you to push for more and extract more from the workouts that are fast-paced than you usually would at other times of the month.

The Best Workouts To Do When You Have Your Period

Even if you cannot do hardcore cardio, do not beat yourself over it. A simple workout regime is more than enough during the periods. For instance, a walk in the park in your vicinity. The main objective is to indulge in any kind of physical activity.
First and foremost, figure out what all you can do and what you feel like doing. Running or brisk walking can suffice if a proper workout routine is too much to indulge in during menses.
Do not be hard on yourself if you are not able to start. It can take a little bit of push at your end. But it is important that you listen to the signs your body gives you. You will know when you feel like running a couple miles or doing yoga asanas instead.


  • Cobbler’s pose or Baddha konasana
  • Head to knee pose or Janu sirsasana
  • Seated Straddle- Upavistha Konasana
  • Supported bridge pose
  • Goddess pose- Supta Baddha Konasana
  • Seated forward bend- Paschimottanasana

Light Cardio Workout

Consider light cardio, walking or aerobic exercises of shorter bouts. Keep your cardiovascular or aerobic exercise at a lower intensity. Make sure you don’t overdo it. According to one research, your lungs function better later in the cycle. So it is recommended that you keep that type of training for the end of your period.

Low-volume strength training and power-based activities

Since there is a potential for an increase in strength during this time, the inclusion of low volume strength training and power-based activities seems most viable. In fact, it is a better time to do longer flow sessions involving an amalgam of strength work and cardio.

Exercises To Avoid On Your Period

Although there is no harm that exercising during the periods causes to the body as such, it is better to keep in mind a few things.

  • Inverted yoga poses should be avoided. It is believed that standing on your head may fill your blood vessels in your uterus which can only increase your flow and aggravate the cramps.
  • If you are overtired, give intense cardiovascular training a break for some time. Since women feel more exerted during periods, moderately difficult exercises seem extra difficult. So, it makes sense to cut down on intense cardio.
  • Also doing squats during your period should be avoided. It can create leaks or push the tampon out a little because you’re actually working some muscles and that too the pelvic floor muscles.


Nevertheless, there has been no proven evidence of negative consequences on the body while exercising during periods. The key is to just get moving in a manner that would release endorphins and alleviate your stress and pain. Just use a menstrual product that makes you comfortable and you can legit work out every effing day of your period!

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