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Is Fitness a 12 Week Challenge or a Change of Lifestyle ?

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“Being Healthy and Fit isn’t a Fad or a Trend, instead it’s a Lifestyle”

One major practice what most people do is “Go on diets when it is sometime close to an occasion or a competition”, and get back to their daily routine once it is done. Most people expect to find miracles happening with their weight in a matter of one or 2 months and give up and lose hope of not finding any major change.

This attitude is something that should be worked on. The aspect here to be understood is that fitness is not something that can be achieved in a month or two. You might see minor changes in the body initially, but you must remember that your body is expecting to see the same effort from your side from then on.

When we talk about fitness it is usually understood that it’s about attaining that ideal weight or that zero size physique but in reality, such things are a part of the journey which has milestones but no end destination. Fitness is a journey which has milestones but no end point it is a constant struggle to maintain and improve the health or to boost up endurance or stamina.

It is not just for your body, here are some facts that might amuse you on the effect workouts could have on your body.

think positive
  • Exercising improves brain performance.
  • Working out sharpens your memory.
  • Exercise prevents signs of aging.
  • Increases productivity.
  • And most important it helps boost self-confidence.

Here are some tips you could use that might help you continue your fitness journey for a longer time.

  • Start Small: Even running for 20 minutes has its own benefits.
  • Keep changing your routine: Don’t make yourself get bored, instead try out new and fun workouts.
  • Update your playlist: With the latest and your favorite songs.
  • Take rest days and cheat meals: It is okay to treat yourself with something yummy as a reward for keeping up. But make sure u have a check on your daily diet.

So get off your lazy couches and remember “NO SECOND THOUGHTS ON FITNESS” Go for it! It will be worth it in the end. Grab a buddy for influence and get going.

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