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Fast Right, Shine Bright — Healthy Fasting Tips for Karwa Chauth

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Karwa Chauth is a very significant day for married, Indian women. This festival identifies with the love and devotion of married women who fast without water and food, from sunrise to moonrise for the well-being and long life of their husband. Some husbands also observe the fast to keep the bond rejuvenated. And to enjoy this festival each year, it is important to eliminate the side-effects that might be caused because of the absence of food and water.While this festival involves a lot of grit, extreme faith, and love, but, for many women, it is not easy. It leads to significant fatigue and staying empty stomach through the day often causes issues like acidity, heartburn, dizziness, weakness, and bloating.
Therefore, it is, very important to plan ahead and know what to eat before the Karwachauth fast as well as after it. The right foods go a long way in dealing with these issues.

What to eat before the Karwachauth Fast

Faulty fasting can sometimes have damaging consequences, especially your health. So let’s make this karwachauth a special day for you and your health as well.
Begin this auspicious day with a healthy sargi. Make sure not to eat a lot of sugary food as they tend to increase hunger pangs later in the day. Instead, try eating protein-rich food as it is a healthy option and will keep you full throughout the day. So here is a list of foods that you can include in it to keep you feeling energetic and full all day:

Fresh Fruits and Nuts

Fruits are light on the stomach and contain several vitamins and minerals. They will keep your energy levels up. The fiber in the fresh fruits will prevent any bloating or heartburn. With dry fruits like raisins, apricots, and dates you get a good source of potassium. Dry fruits like pistachios and almonds are rich in proteins. They will make sure that the sugar levels in the body do not drop, preventing dizziness during the day.

Whole Wheat Foods

Whole-wheat foods or foods made with any kind of grain are loaded with fiber. They are easy to digest by the body and release necessary amounts of glucose. They are slow digesting and will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Drink water, juices

It’s a long day ahead so don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Drink at least 2-3 glasses of water at the time of Sargi. It will be better if you take Luke warm water, as it gets absorbed easily.

Milk and its products

Milk is the best option before you start your fast. You can also consume milk products like paneer or curd. These foods are rich in protein and will keep your stomach satiated for longer. They also help to soothe the irritated stomach lining and prevent acidity and fatigue.

A Sample Meal For Sargi:

  • A bowl of mixed fruits, 1 whole wheat roti, 100 grams of cottage cheese with methi or mint leaves a ½ cup of curd.
  • A few minutes later Lemon water or coconut water.
  • Few almonds, dates or figs along with some pomegranate (Ideal for delaying the thirst & hunger pangs).

What to Avoid Before Karwachauth Fast

Avoid any food that is high in sugar content before the Karwachauth fast. Eating sugar at the beginning of the day makes you feel sluggish. Sugary foods make you feel full momentarily but ignite hunger pangs and cravings later.

During the Karwachauth fast


If it is your first fast or you are pregnant, it is quite likely that you might feel hungry later in the day. So, one can eat a bowl of fresh fruits like apples, watermelon, and cucumbers as they provide essential nutrients needed by the body.

Divert your attention

The key is to keep yourself busy with friends, office work or low energy household work so that you are not constantly thinking about you not eating. You can go out for a movie with friends or go to a spa and pamper yourself.

What to eat after the Karwachauth Fast

It is important that what you eat after the Karwachauth fast does not irritate your digestive tract any further causing heartburn or acidity, since, you have been empty stomach throughout the day. Here are some foods that will ease the discomfort and provide instant energy:


Water is the best option after your Karwachauth fast to stay hydrated. You can also consume natural fruit juices and nutrients-rich coconut water for instant energy. This will prevent weakness due to dehydration.

Protein-rich Foods

Food like yogurt is extremely soothing to the stomach. Proteins balance the pH level in your stomach and help ensure that you do not have any acidity. You can also have pulses and paneer made in less spicy gravy. Keep your intake of chapatis limited but do have one at least for energy.


Have light veggies that are quick and easy to digest such as bottle guard, ladyfinger, potatoes etc.

A Sample meal for the night

  • A glass of water/ refreshing lemon water or coconut water Some nuts and seeds
  • ½ a fistful A glass of water 2-3 Idlies, or plain soda or whole wheat chapati
  • A bowl of dal or sambhar or sprouts
  • A bowl of yogurt
  • A bowl of veggies
  • A piece of dark chocolate to can satisfy your sweet cravings instead of heavy sugar and oil-laden mithai.

What to Avoid After Karwachauth Fast

Tea/ Coffee is a “NO-NO”

Do not drink coffee or tea as the acid levels in the stomach will spike up immediately causing heaviness and heartburn. Having tea and coffee on empty stomach further irritates it.

Avoid Oily and Fried Food

While you may crave for fried, oily food when you are hungry, they can cause a lot of digestive issues after such a tough fast. Not only are they are high in useless calories but also do not contain any nutrients that will help the body recover from a day’s fast.

Eating Tips for an easier, healthier fast

Before Fast

  • Avoid overeating during the last meal before starting the fast – this will make you hungry faster
  • Eat smaller meals throughout the day before fasting.
  • Avoid or lower your intake of foods that are hard to digest such as red meat, deep fried and oily stuff.
  • Limit the consumption of dehydrating foods such as crackers, and simple carbohydrates, such as white sugar, salt, and coffee.
  • Opt for beans and legumes, soups rich in orange vegetables (carrots, sweet potato, squash, pumpkin) – all these are considered to be strengthening foods that can help preserve energy for a longer period.
  • Include at least one fruit and nuts like almonds, walnuts, etc.
  • Make sure that you drink plenty of water prior to the fast to keep the body hydrated. Also Read: Best ways to fire up your metabolism to lose weight

After Fast

  • Start with sips of water or fresh fruits and vegetable juice without adding refined sugar – preferably 50% juice and 50% water to make it easier for the digestive system.
  • Continue with some protein-rich foods that help decrease hunger and induce a feeling of satiation.
  • Eat low glycemic index carbohydrates, such as vegetables, whole grains, beans, and legumes – – whole grains in the form of rotis or chapattis, and some rice with pulses or dal are good.
  • Make sure to include a bowl of plain curd in your diet after the fast.
  • Avoid oily foods, alcohol, caffeinated drinks immediately after the fast.
  • Do not overeat – overeating after fasting is a common problem, which leads to severe stomach problems.
  • Don’t forget to drink water half an hour before or after a meal.

The Day After Karwachauth: Getting Body Back on Track

Fasting, especially without water, takes a toll on the human body releasing toxins, causing headache, dizziness, dehydration, and irritability. So, it is very crucial to pay heed on what you eat the very next day of fasting in order to re-iterate the disrupted system of your body.

Re-hydrate yourself

A day without enough water may cause dehydration and loss of essential salts and minerals. It is important to have a lot of fluids, like coconut water, fresh juices, and detox-water to re-hydrate yourself. You may prepare a tumbler of detoxification-water by soaking one sliced lemon, one sliced cucumber and a few mint leaves in 2 liters of water for a duration of 3 hours. This detoxification water has double benefits. It not only supplies your body with enough water but also flushes out any toxins produced on the day of fasting.

Do not be a compulsive eater

Some people end up eating large meals right after breaking their fast, and hence feel sick later because instead of producing energy, the food seeks all the energy to burn what is consumed, causing lethargy. The idea is to consume small meals that break down quickly to give energy. A mixed bowl of fruits inclusive of melons, grapes, and apple are easily digested followed by fresh cucumber and mint juice. Keep citrus fruits to the minimum.

Say ‘NO’ to Tea and Coffee

It is commonly observed that fast observers prefer to have tea in order to feel energetic but is rather suggested to turn down the craving to have tea or coffee, especially right after breaking the fast. Our stomach tends to have a highly acidic environment on the following day of fast, leading to uneasiness and even acid refluxes. Carbonated beverage works best, by creating an alkaline environment in your gut. Sparkling water or soda are more viable options, instead of soft drinks with excessive sugar.

Eating Light

Healthy salads may bring the body back to the state of equilibrium. The natural tendency of our body and mind is to crave for delectable food right after fasting. This may lead you to choose fried food, hence making you feel bloated and nauseous. Choose raw fruits, raw vegetables, and sprouts that immediately dies, to produce energy and saturate the body with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and other substances that the body is a deficit of. And once you feel hungry again, eat your regular meal in small portions.

Have Yogurt

Yogurt (dahi or curd) is very important to supplement the body with potassium, calcium, proteins and Vitamin B. Yogurt also maintains the pH balance by maintaining the acidity and alkalinity of the digestion process. It introduces good bacteria to our body allowing the alimentary canal to absorb all the nutrients after the day of fast.

Wishing you all beautiful women a very healthy and happy karvachauth.
Stay blessed & LiveLifeMore Together.

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