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Get FIT TO FAB Every Dress !!

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Do you have a range of jeans, pants, and dresses that are undoubtedly your best of the best but you just can’t wear them anymore because you have gained a few pounds! And they are standing still in your wardrobe waiting for you to try them all over again, teasing the world with your edgy curves! Then consider this as a knock on your door, for it is high time that you leave the comfort zone of your latitude and longitude to get in the dazzling shape you were ones in.If I ask you how important it is to exercise or get in shape, I am pretty sure to get some fabulous answers but then I am also convinced that those will be some hollow words of wisdom, for in this hectic life we put our body at stake. In the busy schedule of the routine, we tend to lose track of the fitness regime as well as diet, leading to a life bounded with junk. This straightforwardly points the fact that our body and specifically our health is going to suffer at large, consequently leading to the stage where our body loses shape, which at times can turn to the obesity-a major problem of today’s generation. Now, the problem is not limited to losing shape or putting on a few pounds, the major problem is what comes after. The continuous strike in the mind of the fact that your body is out of shape which makes you feel ugly leading to a lack of confidence in self and later becoming the booming cause of depression is the difficulty. At times there have been cases of bullying as well as body-shaming leading to disasters for people. All of this could be easily stopped but only if the bell is heard which mostly is missed in the noise of a busy life. Here we are to let you know if your time of reaching the red line is near or you have crossed it unconsciously.

The issue with today’s lifestyle is time. We are so preoccupied in our lives that ignorance has become convenient for us, and we have taken out possible alternations for anything and everything, but the quest is – are these alterations the solutions or are we just compromising with ourselves adjusting with the situation? I suppose it’s the latter that we find easy to follow, but is it right? Possibly not! For an instance just ask yourself, is it good to fit a dress for your size or is it best to have any dress look fit on you! You probably know the answer. The point of bringing this epitome was not to talk about the clothes or the looks, it is not fashion or style we are talking of, we are talking of health, fitness and long life. The motto is to make you realize that you have just jumped the line from fit to flab. The easiest clue to recognize this crossing of the line is the moment when you start to adjust with alternatives towards your favorite outfits. A little alternation there and little adjustment here is the beginning of all the downfall. With the passage of time, the clothes which would have once looked gorgeous on you will find a back seat and will be hung there with a hollow hope of getting in them someday. But the truth of the tide is, the day would never come and ultimately the clothes will be dumped. So what is the solution? Definitely a healthy regime and few minutes to exercise. But the issue stands static – Time.

To every issue today the key problem is time. Gyming routine or yoga classes require a fixed pattern and a lot of dedication, which at times is compromised due to issues of the time. But the key is to play safe with it to benefit oneself. Here we bring to you the easiest tips to follow for your diet as well as an exercise regime.

The easiest way to follow a diet encompasses of only three simple tips:

fit to fab

  • Breakfast: The key is to never skip your breakfast, doing otherwise can cause an increase in weight in an unhealthy manner, making you lose energy. This also causes a sudden drop in the blood pressure which further gives rise to several other medical issues. Having a breakfast is as much important and it must be a heavy one, so as to keep you intact for the hasty busty morning.
  • Lunch: Have a good lunch with pulses, vegetables, and wheat bread. The point is to not take too heavy a lunch as the breakfast and not to keep it light. It should be just precise.
  • Dinner: Keep the dinner short and fresh. Fruits and vegetables in a raw form are the best to go.
After these three simple eating tips, let us jump on to the next set of exercise regime.
The issue as mentioned above is time, so let us save it and keep the exercise not too lengthy but as precise as just 7 minutes. Yes, you read it right, a 7-minute regime is all you need to get in perfect shape in 30 days. Moreover, this will keep you active and splendid if you add it to your routine. Now you would be anxious to know what exercises would benefit you in these seven minutes. So, here we bring you five exercises that you need to do to get in shape.

  • The first one is to warm up your body with a little stretching which can involve hand, back and legs stretching.
  • The second exercise is the plank. Lie down straight on a smooth surface placing your hands on the floor with folded elbows and lifting yourself up in the air on toes and the hands. Do this thrice for 20 seconds each for the beginning.
  • Next is the reverse lunge. Start by placing your shoulders and legs wide apart. Take in a deep breath and take the left leg out at thighs parallel to the ground bending the other one on the floor with the knee facing the ground. Take the right hand with arms parallel to the ground. And vice-versa. Do this 20 times each for three sets.
  • The next exercise will be push up. Lie facing towards the floor with your legs apart and hands folded with elbow upwards. Lift your body up on the hands and the toes. Do this 10 times each for three sets.
  • The last exercise would be squats. Keep your back straight, hands stretched out and leg apart. Now half sit in a position where your back remains straight and your thighs are parallel to the ground. Do this 10 times each for three sets.

All of this and you are all set to look fab in any dress that you lay your eyes on. So get going people.

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