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Diwali: On a Diet? Here are 7 Tips to Eat and Stay Healthy This Festive Week!

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The festive is all over the air now and so with it is the celebration. Undoubtedly any celebration is incomplete without variants of foods, and more specifically sweets. But is it okay to cheat your diet during the festive season! Probably not. But then it is also hard to resist the taste buds from taking a heart-filling bite, making it difficult to maintain a healthy diet. So, what should be done? Do not worry, as we are here to provide you with a complete guide of how to maintain your diet this festive season.

We know for a fact that during the festive season we are bound to eat more, thus, gaining weight more rapidly. At times we either just stop bothering about it or we start to follow unhealthy ways of keeping the balance. For sure, these unhealthy ways are not the solution and so is not ignorance, so what is the key? The fact that we worry too much about getting out of shape leads us to skip meals at times, which directly shoots as sudden fat as and when we intake food.

Therefore, we bring you 7 tips that you need to take care of to stay fit this festive season

1. Avoid Skipping Meals

Skipping your meals is not at all a solution, and especially your breakfast. It has been induced a lot many times that breakfast should be a must in your routine, for it gives you the energy to last whole day long, and skipping it can cause issues like blood pressure, anxiety, and low energy. If you have had a lot of treats the other day and you believe that skipping your meals can balance it up, then possibly you are doing wrong to yourself, as it is going to react in a very contrary manner.

2. Eat Before You Leave

Festivals are all about hustle and bustle, involving a lot of shopping, going out to relatives and friends and all those sorts of things. It ends up making the days a lot more hectic as well as packed. And in such a scenario you are tempted to skip your meal and head towards the day, but it can be harmful. Only if you eat something before moving out, it is obvious that you will be less tempted to eat over at your friends’ or relatives’ place. Also, you would not indulge yourself in eating a lot later.

3. Check What You Take In

As the festive season arrives, a lot of invitations to parties, get-togethers, become obvious. It is then also a check on the list that an intake of sweets, treats, drinks, juices, cakes, and alcohol will take place. But the key is to choose wisely. All the sweet drinks can add to a lot more calories, making it add on to all the treats you have had had. So choose wisely what to eat and drink.

4. Stay Active

The festive season can be really tiresome with all the planning, decoration, party and organizing. But it is well advised for you to not to take a back seat. Do not spend your time on the bed comforting yourself after a long party; instead get on some sweat from exercising. Or else all the calories you have had at the gathering are just going to double up.

5. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drinking a lot of water is a must. It will keep a balance of all the junk that you have had all day breaking down the sugar, thus helping you to dissolve it. Not only this, but water will keep you hydrated as well, making you look fresh all the time and giving you just the right amount energy for the entire day. Also, water helps to keep you away from any sort of hangover, just in case you consume a lot of alcohol.

6. Plan Out Your Diet

As also mentioned above, it is highly advised not to skip your meal, especially your breakfast, and also do not skip your meal before heading towards the day. The key is to plan the diet for your days. The pact is to eat less but more often. This will help you in every way. Eating less will not make you lazy and you will remain pro-active for a busy day, and similarly, eating more often will give you small energy doses to last all day long. You must learn to distribute your meals throughout the day equally.

7. Don’t Forget to workout

This is must, for we tend to keep aside our workout plans in a busy schedule, while this should not be the case. We know for a fact that festive season is going to bring us unhealthy fat because of what all we eat during the season, in such a case it is also important to understand that getting involved in a workout regime is more so important, to keep our body fit and going. Small things should be taken care of, for instance, having your dinner early followed by a nice walk is a good tactic. It is simple and relaxing. All you need to do is, prioritize your health by working out well.

So here we are. These were small and simple tips that will keep you going this festive season, keeping you fit and fab. But it is not over here, we know it still can difficult for you, so here we have 5 simple things you need to eat for keeping your curves perfectly in shape to blast the festive season.

Green Leafs

These include spinach, collards, kale, and chards to name a few. These leaves have a property to increase the volume of your diet without increasing the calories. So you get to eat healthy without worrying about your calories. The fact is that most of the diet regime tend to make you lose weight by decreasing the amount of food you take in, but green leaves do not do that to do. They fill your stomach in a healthy way and are perfect for weight loss. They are loaded with fibers and are low in carbohydrates as well as calories, thus keeping you fit for the season.

Boiled Potatoes

Potatoes are considered to be the product which will help you to gain weight, and they have within no time gained a lot of negative popularity when it comes to weight loss, but is the same or the fact is contrary. The truth is, potatoes have been always pictured wrong. They, when boiled, have a variant in their property as they tend to the perfect food for weight loss as well as maintaining optimum health. They are so much diverse when it comes to nutrients that they have almost everything of what your body requires. So, you know what to do now!


Soups are always considered to be the best for a diet, and so is the truth. Research has shown that, if we eat the same food raw and if we intake it in form of soup, the latter one is going to benefit us a lot. So, soups are an easy way to maintain your health.

Hot Water and Lemon

This is the easiest way of losing weight and staying fit. All you have to do is, get a warm glass of water with half a lemon and drink it the first thing in the morning. The result you will notice are magical, for hot water helps to break down the fat in our body.

Say No to Added Sugar

And last but not the least, all you have to do is, say no to added sugar. Take in only that amount of sugar which is necessary for your body. No added flavors or preservatives. That would be just right to keep you fit and going.


So, there you go! Here is everything you needed to know to keep yourself fit this festive season. Now all you got to do is, follow these simple tips by adding them to your busy routine, and we assure you, you are all set to go.

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