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Cleanse vs Detox: What’s the Difference?

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Weight loss cleanses and detox diets are rampantly used these days. Often, people conflate the two due to a marked unawareness of their differences. Before starting with either, it is important to know what to expect from each as both have different aims and different diet patterns. Sometimes, people use these terms interchangeably due to minute similarities between the two. Let us try to clear our misconceptions.

What is a cleanse?

weight loss cleanse

As the name is pretty suggestive itself, a cleanse diet is a diet that is designed for the purpose of cleansing the digestive tract. Now there are several types of cleanses, like detox water cleanse or juice cleanse. This diet is rife with protein and fiber and is also low in carbohydrates and fats. Basically, cleanses are supposed to improve digestion, increase nutrient absorption and ensure the overall well-being. Constipation can also be treated with cleanses.

What is a detox?

Contrary to a cleanse, a detox seeks to improve the functioning of two main organs of the body, kidney and the liver. Detoxification can be done through:

  • Detox Drinks
  • Detox Diets
  • Detox Smoothies
  • Detox Waters
  • Detox Teas

Detoxes are used to improve the effectiveness of kidney and liver in flushing the harmful chemicals out that can be harmful if found in exorbitant amounts. It also breaks down chemicals directly, thereby making it easier for the liver and kidneys to initiate the process of detoxification.

Which is a better option?

Like we mentioned, there are different protocols for both cleanses and detoxes and both are used keeping in mind different purposes. Following are the cases are given and the option that is preferred between the two.

Which is better to lose weight fast?


This is one area where both detoxes and cleanses can be helpful. Since detox diets are the low calorie, high liquid type of diet, they aid in weight loss while also helping you feel full. However, a cleanse is best suited when you wish to lose weight fast. Because of the high fiber intake, the bowel movements will increase and the protein would make sure that your muscle mass is intact and maintained. Also, low carbohydrate amount will help you lose weight through a reduction in stored water in your body. Therefore, for faster results in weight loss, go for cleanses.

Which is better to detox the liver?


Here also, both can be chosen but detox has to be preferred for best results. If you follow the right detox diet, it can help protect your liver from breakdown and improve its efficiency in removing all the toxins along with metabolites from your body.

Which is better to detox the kidneys?


Clearly, kidney detoxification can be better done with a detox water diet more than cleanses. It will lead to more urination and help decrease the risk of urinary tract infections and proliferate the rate at which chemicals are flushed out of the body.

Which is better after binge drinking?


Drinking can cause chemicals like ethanol and metabolites to be collected in the bloodstream. They are so toxic in nature that you can even suffer death if they are not filtered from your body. Since this filtration is done by the liver and the kidneys, a detox diet works best for this. The detox water diet is what you must go for. Some herbal ingredients are likely to increase the speed in which alcohol is removed out of the system and give relief from a severe hangover. Thus, a morning alcohol detox works wonders if you want to recover from the physical and psychological effects of alcohol.

Which is better in boosting strength?


As a cleanse diet provides more protein and fiber, it is naturally better suited in case you want to boost strength and power. This is why a lot of athletes prefer to cleanse diets so that they can become stronger, physically and mentally.

Which is better for mental health?


Usually, people tend to resort to diets when they feel less of themselves physically. But mental health is a key as well. Detox diets may help in gaining certain nutrients, but cleanse diets help improve gut health which fares well for the overall mental health. But detox water diet can be helpful too as the high nutrient content and low calories promote cell growth in the brain, thus improving mental well-being.


The very reason for the popularity of cleanses and detox diets are the various benefits they are capable of providing to people. But to benefit out of them the most it is important to be familiar with the differences between them and their uses to achieve different goals. Following the recommendations mentioned above can help you gauge the major and minor differences and choose the best option for a particular purpose.

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