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Choose to Be FIT, or Choose to Be UNFIT: It’s Your Choice. What Will You Choose?

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Are you amongst the one who curses people for going to the gym every day, when you cannot even make up your mind, heart, and body to get up from the comfy couch?

Do you just digest the fact that you are superb in your skin, and that whoever tells you otherwise is not doing it for good, instead is body-shaming you?

Have you just compromised with your shape because you don’t wish to try?

Or are you among those who have tried their best but still could not get a good result?

Probably the devil of laziness has overpowered you to an extent where you do not want to come out of your comfortable latitudes and longitudes. So much so that, now you have adjusted and bargained with the situation thinking how it would make any difference. Possibly you have also told yourselves the lie of “oh god, I love my body.” But think again, have you crossed the line so vigorously that you cannot see the light of hope anymore, and so you do not care even.

What is it that the fit people do that we don’t?


  1. Fit people eat real food.
  2. Fit people plan their day around fitness.
  3. Fit people have at least 4 hours of physical activity in a week.
  4. Fit people don’t choose comfortable exercises.
  5. Fit people eat more, but the quality of food matters.
  6. Fit people cheat less.
  7. Fit people understand the difference between good calories and bad calories.
  8. Fit people are not thin or fat, for them, fitness is not about looks but physical ability and health.
  9. Fit people understand moderation, they understand when enough is enough.
  10. Fit people sleep a lot.
  11. Fit people think long-term, they don’t believe in shortcuts like dieting and quick weight loss programs.

Let us delve deep into the differences between fit and unfit people.

Positives and Negatives of Exercise and Diet

A positive and a negative perspective towards things can do wonders.
Benefits of Diet and Exercise

  • Improves confidence and builds self-esteem.
  • Burns calories in a healthy manner.
  • You start feeling energetic and happy about the results.
  • Quality of living life increases.
  • Mental stability and good health.
  • Promises of longer life.
  • Improves circulation of blood
  • The body allows you to get involved in more activities.
  • Improves health.

Negative Effects of Diet and Exercise

  • Laziness
  • Takes up time
  • Demands money over the gym, supplements, accessories, clothes, etc.
  • Requires discipline and focus
  • Lame reasons for illness.
  • Disease

The fact is that if you are following your regime for a maximum number of days in a week without any hesitation and shift in the plans, then congratulations, you are on the right track to bring best for yourself. But be aware, for, if you indulged in just the opposite, it is high time you start thinking about your health and yourself.

What are Your Priorities?

Are you wondering how to find out the difference between a fit and an unfit man? Perplexed as both of them go to the gym and follow a diet, but still one of them looks fab while other has flab attire? Then there is for you the perfect key to find out the truth.
The fact is that a fit man will always eat the right food. When I say right, I mean they eat “real food”. They do not opt for dieting or shortcut diets to lose weight. Instead, they eat non-processed natural food. Their diet is full of milk, green vegetables, eggs, meat and everything which is healthy and helps them maintain a good diet. Dieting is just as cheating you.

Excuses, excuses


A clear sign of a fit person is that he or she will have at least four hours of their week dedicated to some or other physical activity. And to be very precise, the physical activity involves sports, training, exercise, gymming, yoga, weight lifting, walking, running, skipping and things of that sort. If you think you walked some kilometers while going to and forth to work, and just because you were standing in the bus you were involved in some physical activity, and then let us tell you, you are just another unfit person.

Will You Push Yourself?

celebrate success

If you are a fit person and wish to maintain the same, the sign is that you would never settle for anything comfortable. You would always go one step ahead and drag yourself into a difficult and intense exercise. An unfit person would possibly dwell himself into the false belief that he has been working out for a long time now, but the truth remains they have been just passing the time. They would walk on the treadmill and satisfy themselves, where on the other hand, a fit person would always go beyond, maybe they would skip non-stop for 15 minutes every day.

You Have to Choose What is More Important

An excuse that you would hear the most, “It’s my cheat day today”; for some people, this “cheat day” comes every other day, while for others it hardly comes in a month. Well, that’s the whole point. The fit people are less dependent on the rich taste that tempts the taste buds, they know what is important.

It’s Up To You

If you want to be out of shape, be out of shape. If you want to put yourself at risk for a crapload of diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and obesity with what you eat, do so.
But don’t act helpless.
Don’t say you can’t lose weight. That you can’t be healthy.
Because if you want something bad enough, if you really, truly want it… you’ll find a way to get it.
And that’s as true with your health as it is with anything else in life.
It’s your choice. So what will you choose?

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