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Why Crash Diet Is Not A Healthy Solution For Weight Loss

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Holidays are looming and crash or short-term diet during this time of the year is unfortunately pretty common amongst people. While a crash diet might help you shed those extra kilos in time for that week but the results are generally short-lived and can have a negative impact on both your mind and body. There are some popular crash diets like The Cabbage Soup Diet, The Protein Diet, Three-Day Diet, Grapefruit Diet, The GM Diet, Detox Diet, Chicken Soup Diet, Water Fast Diet, and Fresh Juice Crash Diet.

Harmful Effects of Crash Dieting You Are Not Aware Of !!

It can be quite easy to be tempted by the quick fix of a crash diet but here is how crash dieting can impact your body so you might just reconsider:

1. Crash Dieting Can Reduce Your Metabolic Rate

Extreme dieting results in a greater muscle breakdown, which, in turn, reduces your metabolic rate.

2. Crash Dieting Can Weaken Your Immune System

During crash diets, your body gets deprived of the essential minerals and vitamins that are necessary to support the immune system, so lacking in them you increase the risk of weakening your immune system.

3. Crash Dieting Can Cause Ketone Production

If you follow a very low carbohydrate diet, your body might start producing ketones by breaking down the fatty acids, which have their own side-effects.

4. Crash Dieting Can Cause Dehydration

Following a crash diet has the risk of dehydration associated with it which can lead to a headache or dizziness.

5. Crash Dieting Can Trigger Heart Issues

Crash Dieting can trigger potentially harmful effects on the heart due to the increase heart fat levels which can occur due to these diets.

6. Crash Dieting Can Damage Your Skin & Hair Quality

When on a crash diet you limit the number of vital nutrients and vitamins that your body needs. The lack of nourishment damages your skin and hair quality.

7. Crash Dieting Can Disturb Bowel Habits

Crash Dieting can result in irregular or inconsistent bowel movements due to the lack of right nutrients in your diet.

8. Crash Dieting Can Leave You With Low Energy Levels

Your body is unable to produce enough energy when on a crash diet due to the lack of vitamins and nutrients thereby making you feel fatigued, sluggish, and tired.

9. Crash Dieting Can Make You Irritable

Crash dieting can result in disturbed sleep, poor concentration, irritability, high-stress levels, and risk of depression.

10. Weight Regain

After following a crash diet there is an increased risk of weight gain as it causes starvation which forces you to take junk foods that ultimately leads to weight gain instead of weight loss.

Alternatives to Crash Diets

You should try to give yourself more time with regular and real weight loss goals. Here are 11 little things you can do instead of crash dieting to improve your health:

  1. Reduce alcohol intake
  2. Reduce the intake of sugary foods and less processed foods
  3. Include more lean protein in your diet
  4. Aim for a diet rich in fruit and vegetables and nuts, pulses and whole grains
  5. Reduce stress levels
  6. Avoid foods that contain trans fats but do go for healthy fats
  7. Increase dietary soluble fiber
  8. Maintaining a regular level of physical activity will keep your metabolic rate high
  9. Try to find a form of exercise that you enjoy and make an effort to fit it into your daily routine.
  10. 150 minutes of moderately intense exercise per week, with some resistance training is recommended
  11. Try to achieve your 10,000 steps per day

Take Home Message

Crash Diet is not a good option to lose weight in a healthy manner as it totally restricts certain nutrients from the diet instead of restrictive crash diets, limiting quantities of food is a healthy choice of losing weight because there are fewer chances of nutrient deficiency.

The crash diet is not recommended for a prolonged period of time and also not for everyone. Losing weight by following a healthy and a balanced diet without going for extreme crash diet is advisable for all.

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