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Simple Ways & Diet to Lose Belly Fat in 1 Week

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Is your fat tummy troubling you?
Have you ever questioned if you could achieve a remarkably flat tummy faster than any of your peers?
Owing to today’s sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits, there is no surprise a fat tummy is something that has been annoying most of us. What if you come across a way of getting relieved of your belly in more than a week? Astonishing, isn’t it? That is what this post is all about!

11 Simple Ways to Reduce Belly Fat in a Week

1. Eating Smaller Portions More Often

This is a fabulous way to lose belly fat in one week. We recommend that instead of eating 3 full meals and burdening your digestive system, you should shift to eating smaller portions about 2 to 3 hours apart. Advantages would be less enlargement of your belly and a supercharged metabolism which will burn up more fat.

2. Reduce the Intake of High-Fibre Foods

Seldom most of us become victims of bloating, which causes a huge belly bulge. Bloating can be avoided by restricting the intake of bloat-causing high fiber foods, which include broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, and beans. These high-fiber vegetables are good for the body, but harmful to your body shape. We would recommend that you drop them from your diet during this week as they cause gas and bloating. However, you may slowly re-introduce them into your diet after a week.

3. Regulate Intake of Raw Fruits And Veggies

We recommend that you don’t eat too many raw vegetables and fruits at one go. Better eat them in smaller parts spread during the day as they cause your stomach to stretch.

4. Cut Back on Dairy

Dairy products, particularly in lactose intolerant people, cause uncomfortable gas conditions and bloating. This results because they have a problem digesting ‘lactose’, the sugar found in dairy. We advise that you have yogurt and stick to smaller servings of milk and its products. It will also be great for your shape if you eat milk products along with other foods.

5. Eat More Potassium-Rich Foods

High potassium foods like avocados, papaya, mango, cantaloupe, bananas, and yogurt have a number of bloat-reducing advantages. This is because potassium is a natural diuretic that helps decrease water retention and puffiness.

6. Eat More Berries And Nuts

Berries are great fat-fighting foods. Research shows that these stop fat cells from getting bigger. These also help fat cells in producing ‘adiponectin’, a hormone that helps decrease inflammation while decreasing blood sugar.

Nuts can also help to keep your tummy firm. Studies show that people who eat nuts twice a week are much less likely to gain weight than those who don’t.

7. Drink More Water

Water is great for health, but it’s even better when you are trying to lose weight and flatten your stomach. This is because when you drink enough water, you are actually helping your system to maintain proper water balance which helps in reducing water retention, a major cause of bloated bellies. Water also makes us feel full and reduces overeating.

8. Green Tea Helps

Green tea comes loaded with antioxidants called ‘catechins’ which are known to reduce belly fat. We advise that you binge on green tea before your workout.

9. Start Your Day With a Smoothie

Smoothies are a great way to stay healthy and hydrated. They are simple to make and one of the best ways to start your day. We recommend watermelon smoothie, as this fruit is rich in an amino acid called ‘arginine’ that is known to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass.

10. Make Ginger Your Friend

Ginger not only helps soothe your intestines and reduces bloating, but is also a great remedy for gas. You can take ginger by grating it and having it with your green tea, or you can boil small pieces of the root in water to make ginger tea. Peppermint works fine to fight bloat. You can have peppermint candies, drink peppermint tea or add peppermint leaves to water or green tea.

11. Stay Away From Alcohol And Carbonated Drinks

We are not trying to be party poppers by recommending that you stay away from your favorite beverages. Alcohol is not your friend if you want a flat tummy because it causes your body to store more of the fat you eat. And that’s not all; it also makes you burn about 36% less fat than you would when you are alcohol-free.

Alcohol can also hinder your body’s production of fat-burning hormones. Carbonated beverages contain gas and hence after consuming them, you end up naturally with more gas in your GI tract, leading to bloating.

Diet For Rapid Weight Loss

Following is the super-diet to lose belly fat in a week!

The best diet for fast weight loss will exclude the following foods:

  • All sugars, including refined as well as natural sugars. You must avoid all processed foods containing added sugars. Also cut back on honey, fruit juices, and dried fruits.
  • Also avoid all starchy foods like rice, noodles, pasta or bread. Switch to whole grains like brown rice and brown bread or leave them out if you want to reduce fat in a week. You can reintroduce brown rice once your week is up.

And the following are the foods you can include in your diet:

  • Fruits and vegetables.
  • Stick to lean protein and vegetables this week. Include 1 portion of fruit and snack or nuts in between meals.
  • We would suggest that you season your meals with olive oil that makes you feel full.

Now, that you know how to lose tummy fat in a week, let us know if you’ll give it a try. Follow the tips today and get a flat tummy in a week!

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