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10 Homemade Muscle-Building Protein Shakes

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Are you an athlete? Or are you a bodybuilder? If building muscle is a major focus in your life right now, then protein shakes are a vital part of it too. A list of the best protein shakes around you would certainly help you with your muscle building goals.

Protein Shakes Decoded

Protein is absolutely essential to building muscle. A person undertaking normal activities obtain it from the diet, not requiring any additional supplementation. Foods rich in protein include eggs, cheese, milk, yogurt, chicken, salmon, rice, bread, beans, nuts, and tofu.

Sportsmen, on the other hand, place larger demands on their bodies. This requires a greater muscle mass and consequently extra protein supplements. After careful research, it has been determined that any athlete would require around 1gm of protein per kg of body weight per day.

Moreover, early trainers or beginners would need more protein to build muscle compared to steady state athletes. Protein is also required for the muscles to recover faster after a vigorous workout.

Protein supplementation is available in powder form (Whey, casein, egg white, soy, pea, and rice protein), which can be mixed with water, juice or milk. It is best had after a training session as it aids in muscle formation. As protein mixes, by themselves, can be less appealing, they can be spruced up with several amazing recipes.

Here are some of the best protein shakes for building muscles

1. Chocolate Almond Brownie

This shake follows the previous shake as a perfect pre-workout drink. You don’t need a blender for this.
Simply add one scoop of chocolate whey protein to one cup of fat-free milk and stir well. Now top it with finely chopped brownie and almonds. This mix is rich with protein at 40gm composition, along with 500 calories.

2. Banana Shake

There are many ways one can add banana to a protein shake. One method is to mix dark chocolate with bananas to make a richly flavored shake.

Add two scoops of chocolate protein to one cup of unsweetened almond milk. Mix finely chopped frozen banana along with a spoon each of dark chocolate chips and cinnamon.

3. Hot Cocoa

A hot cocoa protein shake needs 1 cup fat-free milk, 1 packet milk chocolate hot cocoa, 1 scoop chocolate whey protein, and half cup low fat cottage cheese.

Add hot water to the blender, pour protein, cheese, cocoa and blend until smooth. It is best had before bedtime with a composition of 45gm protein and 275 calories.

4. Peach Protein

The peach protein shake is another great way to store up proteins during the day.

You will need half a cup of frozen peaches, one cup of water, half a cup of yogurt and two scoops of vanilla protein. You can also add sugar-free apple juice if desired. Blend all ingredients and enjoy.

5. Coconut Almond Joy

Many would prefer a tasty option like coconut and almond. For this shake, all you need are two scoops of chocolate protein, one cup unsweetened almond milk, two spoons of dark chocolate chips, two spoons of almond butter and a quarter cup of unsweetened shredded coconut.
Mix the ingredients in a blender and have a joyous protein shake.

6. Lemon Twist

The lemon twist protein shake requires two cups of lemonade, one scoop of vanilla casein protein and one scoop of vanilla whey protein.

Add them together, give it a good shake and have it after a training session. At a composition of 40gm of protein, the shake is ideal for consumption after a workout.

7. Chocolate Peanut Butter

Among protein shakes, chocolate peanut butter is one of the best protein shakes for building muscles.

This preparation needs two scoops of chocolate protein, 2 spoons of heavy whipping cream, one spoon flax meal, one spoon peanut butter, water, and a few ice cubes. Blend all the ingredients to enjoy a great chocolate-like protein shake.

8. Creamy Orange

For this colorful and smooth drink, all you need is a cup of orange juice fresh from the fruit, a half cup of fat-free vanilla yogurt and 1 scoop of vanilla whey protein.

Mix all the components in the blender and it’s ready to drink. An orange protein shake is perfect for the morning, offering 30gm of protein and 280 calories.

9. Fruity Protein Shake

Most often, protein shakes contain no fiber. A fruit-filled protein shake contains high fiber in addition to protein.

You will need three spoons of dairy-based protein powder, one cup apple juice or non-fat milk, half banana, one spoon wheat germ, a cup of peaches or 3 strawberries. Blend the ingredients with ice for a fibrous protein shake.

10. Coffee Shake

This one is for coffee lovers. It’s very simple to make, requiring just one hot cup of coffee, two spoons of honey and a scoop of chocolate whey protein.

Mix the protein with coffee and perk up your protein shake.

Take Home Message

While these are a few muscle building protein shakes that help you build muscles, one can come up with many varieties to tease the taste buds.

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