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Elliptical Benefits: 7 Effective Benefits of Elliptical Cross Trainer Workout

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The Elliptical Cross Trainer is one of the most popular fitness machines out there. In fact, every gym worth its iron would have at least a couple of elliptical trainers somewhere in the row of treadmills, bikes, rowers, etc. But then, it is also one of the most misused and understated gym equipment. People just don’t understand the many health and fitness benefits the machine has to offer.


Elliptical trainers are also known as X-Trainers and Cross-Trainers. It is stationary exercise equipment that resembles the motion of stair climbing, running and walking. There are two pedals and two hand-levers in the cross-trainer. If you are looking to buy one for yourself, look for the latest technologies. Your elliptical trainer should have a center-drive and adjustable ramp that can be turned into incline or other varying pedal motion paths like a hill.

Benefits Of Elliptical Trainer

If you thought that the elliptical is all about warming up your body, then let us enlighten you on what all this machine is going to do for us.

1. Total Body Workout

The elliptical trainer gives you an integrated full-body workout. Unlike treadmills, cross trainers not only work on your lower body but also involve your upper body. Elliptical trainers have handle-levers, which are pushed and pulled in synchronization with the leg movements. It effectively works on your upper body.

2. Strength And Endurance

Elliptical cross trainers help in muscle endurance and building strength. It is a weight-bearing exercise, which is effectively targeting weak quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves without putting a strain on the knees.

3. Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, then the elliptical trainer can speed up your journey. The elliptical trainer is a very good option for burning calories. In fact, some studies claim that one can burn more than 400 calories in around 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer. It is believed that people often feel a very low Relative Perceived Exertion (RPE) with an elliptical trainer. That is, one does not feel that they are working hard enough when they actually are and end up working that little bit more. This helps in shedding those extra pounds.

4. Cardiovascular Benefits

Elliptical trainers are exceedingly beneficial for our cardiovascular system. Working out using an elliptical takes up your heart rate and strengthens the heart. It increases the aerobic capacity of the body. This results in a stronger heart and lungs and at the same time a nice, heated-up system. Top fitness trainers often call it as a powerhouse among cardio machines.

5. Customizes Your Workout

It is a proven fact that when an activity is done repeatedly over time, our body gets used to it and the muscles do not work as hard as they did earlier and we do not burn as many calories. The elliptical trainer allows you to vary your stride length, resistance, and speed throughout the workout so that you can do interval training. This results in more calorie burn and increased muscle action.

6. Ease Of Use

The elliptical trainer is easy to use and saves time. It takes very little space and can be set up at home too. There is really not much science about how to use elliptical trainers. Furthermore, this machine gives you a complete high-intensity workout in half the time when contrasted to normal cardio workouts.

7. Non-Impact Equipment

While using an elliptical machine, your heels are always linked with the pedals; rather your feet are supported by the pedals. This does not put any extra pressure on your knees and other joints unlike workouts like running and cycling. It makes elliptical safer for elderly people, people suffering from any joint issues and even those who have varicose veins.

How To Use Elliptical Trainer?

Using an elliptical trainer is easy and you can set it according to your requirements. Here are the instructions to use the elliptical trainer in the correct way:

  1. Step on the elliptical and put one in each of the pedals strongly.
  2. Now, get hold of the handles.
  3. Stand straight with your back upright, core engaged, abs tight, and shoulders rolled back.
  4. Now begin moving your feet as if you’re walking forward.
  5. Your hand movement will be pushing and pulling. Push one handle forward and pull the opposite handle towards you.


Though using an elliptical trainer is pretty easy, people still make some basic mistakes. Follow the tips given below to maximize your results :

  • Do not just hold on to the handles. Engage your upper body by pushing and pulling the handles with strength.
  • Do not ever lean forward on the machine. That is cheating and bad form, which not only compromises your performance but can also lead to injury.
  • Increasing your RPM takes up the intensity. But keep in mind that you do not do elliptical too fast. When you go too fast, you end up using too much momentum which compromises muscle engagement.
  • Keep researching with your workout and keep it diverse. You can switch between forward pedaling and reverse pedaling. This engages a larger variety of muscles in your lower body.
  • Do not do elliptical without any resistance. If you are doing low intensity, then use low resistance but there must be some amount of resistance.
  • Make sure you establish a harmonious combination between your hands and legs movements.

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