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Cucumber Water: Benefits & Recipe

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Cucumber water is one of the best and easiest detox water. Cucumber water is a one-stop solution for diabetes, acne, diarrhea, weak joints, and much more!

Taking an adequate amount of water can keep many of the terrible ailments at bay. But will water solely suffice perpetually? No. There are occasions when you want to go the extra mile.

And you can do that by relishing Cucumber Water.

What Is Cucumber Water?

Cucumber water is an age-old detox drink. Presumably found even before the word ‘detox’ was born!

Adding cucumber slices to water is essentially like giving it a facelift. The slices of cucumber deliver various water-soluble vitamins, minerals, and phytoconstituents into the water – making it a panacea.

Drinking cucumber-infused water not only gives you impeccable skin but also supports you build strong bones and fight cancer.

Benefits Of Cucumber Water

1. Weight Loss And Detox

Cucumber has plentiful antioxidants and lipid-lowering and anti-inflammatory phytoconstituents. Drinking water with cucumber and lemon can prevent fat accumulation and lipid peroxidation in the adipose tissues.

There is not sufficient scientific literature explaining the lipid-lowering and anti-obesity characteristics of this water. However, giving it a try does no wrong.

Cucumber fruit is also known to decrease bloating and enhance your digestion. It can flush out toxic intermediates and dangerous free radicals from your body, thanks to its diuretic characteristics.

Cucumber water is an easy and powerful detox drink that might trigger weight loss
But, you still need to exercise and eat right to lose that flab.

2. Skin Cleanser and Toner

Cucumber has large water content. Therefore, it has a hydrating impact on your skin. It also cleanses your skin by eradicating concentrated pockets of old waste materials and chemical toxins.

Fresh juice or cucumber water can be used for intensely moisturizing your skin and its inner layers. Since it has rich antioxidants, cucumber water heals the angry rashes, skin irritation, and even decreases swelling. It also calms sunburns and painful blisters, thanks to its cooling properties.

The silica in cucumber is an indispensable component of healthy connective tissue, which includes muscles (facial ones too), cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and bone. Therefore, cucumber water is a unique formula that works as a natural skin toner, moisturizer, and cleanser.

3. Diabetes Management

Again, it’s the antioxidants that benefit here. Cucumber has a diversity of glycosides, flavonoids, carbohydrates, sterols, terpenoids, and tannins. These molecules trap the reactive oxygen species (ROS), whose overproduction is the main cause of diabetes.

These ROS target your liver, kidneys, and other important organs. They provoke cell death and worsen diabetes. Phenolic acids like p-coumaric and syringic acids in cucumber aid scavenge the ROS.

Cucumbers have 90-95% of water with dissolved minerals and vitamins. These dissolved nutrients include phosphorus, manganese, potassium, and magnesium.

Vitamins A, B1, B6, C, and K are also present in cucumbers. Drinking water infused with cucumbers can help in recuperating from severe dehydration and diarrhea.

4. Anti-Inflammatory And Anticancer Agent

Due to the presence of anti-inflammatory sterols, flavonoids, lignans, and tannins, aqueous extracts (like cucumber water) can cure wounds, decrease pain, and decrease the internal body temperature.

Linked with its antioxidant effect, drinking cucumber water and eating cucumbers can block cell death and cytotoxicity from several foreign intermediates, like in the case of cancers.

Three lignans, lariciresinol, secoisolariciresinol, and have been especially noted for their cancer-fighting properties. Researches insist these phytochemicals can decrease the risk of acquiring several cancers, including that of the breast, ovaries, uterus, and the prostate.

How To Make Cucumber Water At Home

You can add a mixture of fruits and veggies to the basic version of cucumber water.

Lemon-Mint-Cucumber Detox Water

cucumber water
  • Lemon or lime: ½, thinly sliced
  • Cucumber: ¼, thinly sliced
  • Mint leaves: ½ cup
  • Water: 2-3 quarts or to fill the container
  • A pitcher
  • Ice (optional)

Pour water into a pitcher or your water bottle. Add the mint leaves, lemon slices, and cucumber slices to the water and mix. Refrigerate this water mixture, stirring 1 time per day, until the flavors have infused (which might take 2 to 3 days). Or you can also leave the pitcher in the fridge overnight and start using the next day. You can refill the pitcher and use the mix till the flavor dies out. (Note: You could preferably change the mix after every 24 hours).

Quickly gather your favorite ingredients along with cucumbers and make a pitcher of this fresh drink.

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