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Can’t Sleep !! 9 Simple Tips to Get Better Sleep

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Sleep is one of the primary strengths and support of Maharshi Ayurveda. It impersonates a fairly significant role as that of a diet when it comes to supporting health and balance in the body. It has enormous health benefits as it helps in alleviating stress and reviving energy. While we are sleeping, our body works to repair and restore the tissues.

Sleep influences each and every part of our lives, ranging from our work performance to our long-term mental and physical health. But, quite regularly, we spend restless nights, or our eyes abruptly pop open at 2 am, and we just can’t fall sleepover. This happens due to sleep imbalance in our body, which is usually caused due to a number of factors. According to Ayurveda, sleep imbalance is normally caused due to an imbalance in the three doshas namely, Vata, Kapha, and pitta doshas.

Usually, when the coordination between dhi (learning), dhirti (retention), and smriti (recall) becomes limited, a Vata sleep imbalance occurs, where even if you are seeking to fall asleep, your mind will be continuously imagining of the events that occurred today or in the past, and you’ll not be able to withdraw yourself from the emotions. This is why you will not be able to sleep even if you want to. And even if you fall asleep by luck, you’ll constantly wake up either due to anxiety or because your mind is not calm.

Does this happen to you that even after sleeping for long hours, you feel anxious, tired, or sluggish the whole day? This results if you’re experiencing a Kapha related sleep disorder.

If you’re experiencing a pitta sleep disorder, you will encounter definitely no trouble in falling asleep, but you will frequently end up waking up in the minute hours of the morning. You will face a lot of difficulty falling asleep again for many hours, and ultimately, you might not sleep at all. Usually, people with a pitta imbalance in the body or people experiencing emotional trauma face this type of sleep trouble.

9 Easy Ayurvedic Tips For Good Sleep

Though the lack of sleep is a major problem, a few simple and minor tweaks in your daily lifestyle can promote a sound, healthy, and effortless sleep.

1. Oil Massage Or Abhyanga

Oil massage is a wonderful way to soothe the nervous system and, thereby, induce sleep. Rubbing Bhringraj oil on the scalp and the foot aids in promoting good sleep. If you do not want to clean your hair the next morning, and that’s why you are reluctant to apply oil onto your scalp, pat a drop or two of oil onto your head before going to bed.

2. Practice Yoga

Practicing yoga, especially pranayama, is also supposed to be very beneficial to calm down and relax the body and the nervous system. Simple breathing exercises will also help in inducing sleep.

3. Drink A Cup Of Hot Milk

Milk is a great source of tryptophan, which induces sleep in the body. Drink a cup of hot milk along with one-fourth teaspoon of nutmeg or turmeric for a sound sleep. If your body type is pitta, you can add Shatavari to the milk. People with Kapha body type may add turmeric, and people with Vata body type can add garlic to the milk.

4. Have A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is vital for maintaining good health. Avoid heavy and spicy foods as they can cause acidity or indigestion, which can influence the sleep cycle. It is advised to have a light meal two to three hours before going to bed for proper digestion and sound sleep.

5. Set Up A Proper Sleep Routine

Adhering to a proper sleep routine keeps your biological clock steady and improves your sleep.

6. Practice Meditation

The health benefits of meditation are vast. Hence, it is good for maintaining the overall health of your body. Meditate for 10-15 minutes before going to bed. This will relax your body and induce sound sleep.

7. Take The Help Of Herbs

Do you know that there exist ayurvedic herbs for sleep? Yes, there are some herbs that ease your nerves and promote a calm sleep. A few of them are ashwagandha, tagar, and shankhpushpi.

8. Switch Off Your Electronic Gadgets

Switch off all electronic gadgets such as your mobile, laptop, and TV at least an hour before you sleep. Doing this will help calm your nervous system and get you into the mood to sleep.

9. Ditch Caffeine, Sugar, And Stimulants

All these things are sleep-suckers, and thus, it is always better to avoid having them after 3 pm.

Take-Home Message

Following these ayurvedic suggestions for good sleep frequently will surely help you. Along with these, also make sure that your bedroom is dark enough to help you sleep well.


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