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Must Know Side-Effects of Fat Burners

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Is weight loss on your ultimate goal?

Are you constantly looking for ways to avoid workout?

Are you considering taking fat burners?

Stop! Do not pick up fat burners from that store counter.

Fat burners are supplements that are assumed to help you lose weight fast. Many of us fall for those “immediate results” claims. But the fact is they can do more evil than good.

There are scientifically-proven side effects of fat burners – some trivial and some highly critical.

Fat Burners: What Are They?

The term ‘fat burner’ is used to represent nutrition supplements that aid you to burn fat. Fat burners pretend to aid quick weight loss. They boost fat metabolism or energy expenditure quickly.

They also modify fat absorption or trigger long-term modifications to increase fat metabolism. When used through workout sessions, fat burners are reckoned to increase fat oxidation.

These so-called natural products cause weight loss by either repressing lipogenesis (synthesis/accumulation of fat) or stimulating lipolysis (the breakdown of accumulated fat).

These supplements comprise a diversity of ingredients like caffeine, carnitine, green tea, chromium, kelp, conjugated linoleic acid, and fucoxanthin.

The Dangerous Effects Caused by Fat Burners

Fat burners are deemed to support weight loss. Alternatively, they affect your liver, brain, heart, and hunger.

1. Liver Damage

Despite various assertions about the safety of herbal weight loss supplements, researchers have proclaimed multiple events of hepatotoxicity. Certain fat burners hold an ingredient called usnic acid. This, along with green tea and guggul tree extracts, has been observed to cause liver damage.

A healthy 28-year-old woman had an acute liver failure within a month of taking 500 mg/day of pure usnic acid for two weeks. Kombucha tea is another herbal supplement that comprises usnic acid. It has also been proclaimed to be hepatotoxic.

Taking fat burners with green tea extracts may cause acute hepatitis and jaundice.

Most such components combine with plant extracts like Garcinia cambogia and heavy metal contaminants to cause liver damage.

2. Blood Pressure Fluctuation

Many of the constituents present in fat burner pills or powders are legitimately outlawed in some countries as they can cause hypertension and changes in blood pressure.

Compounds like phenylpropanolamine (PPA), fenfluramine, caffeine, and ephedrine also cause hypertension.

These compounds stimulate your central nervous system (CNS) to control appetite. However, they also adversely affect your blood pressure.

Herbal additives like bitter orange extract (Citrus aurantium) are said to interact with compounds like caffeine and synephrine. They increase your blood pressure or cause fluctuations by constricting blood vessels.

3. Anxiety And Headache

High doses or continuous consumption of weight loss supplements can cause anxiety. Supplements including caffeine, bitter orange extract, and yohimbe may give you a headache along with anxiety.

Green coffee bean extract also can provoke panic attacks. Furthermore, fat burners that comprise caffeine are too tough on your heart. If you have heart problems, it is advised you stay away from fat burners and caffeinated supplements.

4. Heart Attack

Obesity is one of the main risk factors for heart attacks. Taking fat burners, weight loss medication or diet pills might sound like a simple and fast way out. But, current studies have shown the lethality of these supplements.

While burning fat, these supplements may harm your cardiovascular health. Fat burners may cause cardiac arrhythmia and also heart attacks.

Aspirin is one additive in fat burners. It is appended to assure higher retention of the drug in the bloodstream by reducing urinary excretion. When mixed with caffeine or any over-the-counter blood thinner, aspirin can trigger a heart attack.

5. Nausea And Diarrhea

Many weight control drugs/pills curb your appetite by exercising an anorectic effect on your body. This may lead to nausea and diarrhea.

Fat burners arouse your CNS to slow gastric emptying and cause a feeling of fullness. When you take fat burners that contain guar gum, chromium, carnitine, green tea extract, or chitosan, you may endure nausea and vomiting.

What’s more critical is that most of them don’t even move your body weight, let alone aid weight loss!

6. Insomnia

Green coffee bean extract and other caffeine-rich supplements are supposed to check your blood glucose levels.

The active ingredient in it, chlorogenic acid, along with caffeine, is assumed to slow down your body’s consumption of glucose. Indirectly, this is thought to aid weight loss.

Nevertheless, analysis has found this result only in a few individuals. In most people, these active compounds generate insomnia and an enhanced heart rate. Sleeplessness is again connected to obesity and weight gain.

In other words, you will not lose weight neither have a good night’s sleep.

So, now you know that a fat burner is just a bunch of lies!

Most of the research accessible today tells you not to use these drugs/supplements. There is apparently just a small fraction of people that profit from them.


  • If you are diagnosed with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or anorexia, stay away from these supplements. Ask your doctor for guidance to use if any.
  • The safety of fat burners in pregnant and nursing women has not been investigated. It is better to evade its usage.
  • Do not use fat burners or any such supplements without medical assent/supervision.


If you are consuming fat burners, and if they have worked for you, great!

But, if you are encountering any of the side effects explained above, stop taking them now. Ask a healthcare provider about your difficulties to find out if fat burners are the cause behind them.

More importantly, you require to stop believing in fast weight loss. Develop a healthy lifestyle, diet, and physical routine, and your weight will never be a dilemma!

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