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Dangerous Side-effects of The GM Diet

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The GM diet is a common fast weight loss diet. It supported General Motors employees to shed 7 kgs in just 7 days. However, the diet has some obscure dangers. This feature lists out 11 GM diet side effects you should be conscious of.

1. Is Not Scientific

There are no scientific investigations that prove that the GM diet is an efficient weight loss plan. The diet is not advised by registered dietitians and doctors and is a fad diet. The employees of General Motors went on this diet for 7 days and shed their weight fast. But the absence of scientific testimony and support makes the GM diet contingent.

2. Restricts Nutrition

The GM diet is a critically restricted diet intended for fast weight loss. It is not only a very low-calorie diet but also urges dieters to limit food groups like whole grains and protein. Whole grains are great sources of dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Proteins help promote satiety and prevent muscle loss. Restricting these food groups makes the GM diet extremely imbalanced and causes nutritional deficiencies.

3. Is Unsustainable

Each day, the dieters consume any one of these: fruits, vegetables, banana, and milk, or soup. This shortage of variety of food makes it dull and unsustainable. A weight-loss diet requires to be sustainable and appetizing to be successful. Diets like the Mediterranean diet and intermittent fasting are powerful, flexible, and sustainable and support weight loss.

4. Slows Down Metabolism

Consuming very few for an extended period causes a metabolic slowdown. Following the GM diet with restricted food choices and nutritional loss affects the normal metabolic rate. Metabolism slowdown leads to fat storage and consequent weight gain instead of weight loss.

5. Causes Brain Fog

Inability to concentrate, think distinctly, and memory loss is symptoms of brain fog. Nutritionally poor and restricted low-calorie diets, like the GM diet, may cause brain fog. It imbalances hormones and locks the body processes down to conserve energy for survival. As a result, the brain stops functioning normally.

6. Can Lead To Muscle Loss/Weakness

Following the GM diet for a lengthy period may cause muscle loss. This is because the GM diet is low in calories and does not support workout. Doing exercises like cardio and strength training every other day can help you lose fat and preserve/build lean muscle mass. Not exercising at all causes muscle weakness, muscle loss, and declines heart and lung health.

7. Can Cause Poor Exercise Performance

Exercising helps improve endurance, adaptability, balance, stamina, and muscle power. Not exercising for even three days causes a “muscle disuse”. This means your muscles start to lose their strength to contract and relax fast. Not exercising for seven days while on a low-protein, low-calorie diet, affects exercise performance, energy, stamina, muscle power, and balance.

8. Can Cause Headache And Mood Swings

Hunger may influence the body and brain. Low-carb, low-protein and low-calorie diets, like the GM diet, cause tenacious headaches, irritation, and mood fluctuations.

9. Causes Dehydration

The GM diet causes the metabolic slowdown. The amount of fluid through food, juices, and water are quickly used up to improve the metabolic rate. As a result, dehydration and persistent thirst kick in. Dehydration moreover slows down metabolism and also causes dry skin.

10. Can Cause Hair Loss

The added side effect of the GM diet is hair loss. The GM diet is low in protein (the main building block of hair) and nutritionally deficient (like vitamins and minerals that are required for strong hair). Being on the GM diet for more than a week (if you can sustain it) causes hair fall, dull hair, and may even stall hair growth.

11. Is Not For Everyone

The GM diet is not for everyone. Pregnant women and children should direct clear of the GM diet. People with a normal BMI should also opt for diets that are not so restrictive. People with hypoglycemia, diabetes, and heart disease should avoid the GM diet.


The GM diet is a short-term weight loss method. But it is not the most reliable way to lose weight. The ill-effects of the GM diet may cause you to gain weight rather than losing it. The diet could also influence your skin and hair. Moreover, starvation wrecks your overall well-being. If you do need to lose weight fast, talk to a registered dietitian and get a well-planned and balanced low-calorie diet plan.

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