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The Sirtfood Diet: Detailed Beginner’s Guide

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Sirtfood diet has become the new go-to diet trend since Adele revealed her awesome transformation back in May, this year. So much so that, people are now looking for Sirtfood diet Adele insights and want to transform themselves as Adele did.

But what is Sirtfood and why is it so revolutionary

The idea of the Sirtfood diet came into existence back in 2016 when people discovered the efficiency of a diet rich in ‘Sirtfoods’ which help your body from aging and keeps you healthy fit,

What are Sirtfoods?

Sirtfoods are foods that are rich in a protein called sirtuins. Now, these sirtuin proteins are great metabolism boosters, and not only that why protect cells from aging under stress. So, the normal stress effects on your body can be eroded by eating Sirtfoods.

How does Sirtfoods do it?

Sirtfoods primarily work by regulating your metabolism and putting off any unwanted inflammation. In fact, the founders of the Sirtfood diet say that these types of food can burn your body fat to such an extent that you lose more than 7kgs of weight in a week and this is precisely what Adele tried to achieve and millions are following suit by searching the Sirtfood diet adele. 

However, experts underline the real mechanism by which it works. It targets the glycogen stored in the muscles and liver. Thus burning the fat and releasing more energy for work

What are the best-known Sirtfoods?

Sirtfoods are sirtuin rich foods are primarily vegetarian resources which have made most people believe that Sirtfoods is for vegetarians and Sirtfood diet meat isn’t possible.

However, it is possible if you plan your meals and put a good amount of Sirtfood items along with your regular meat intake and restrict the calorie intake to 1000 kilocalories for the first few days. The whole Sirtfood diet plan works on this restricting calorie strategy.

But before we begin the Sirtfood diet plan lets first look at the most commonly known Sirtfoods. 

The best known Sirtfood sources are Green tea, dark chocolate with 85% cocoa, apples, citrus fruits, parsley, turmeric, kale, blueberries, capers, red wine, Strawberries, Onions

Soy, extra virgin oil, buckwheats, walnuts, red chicory, coffee.

So, you see there are plenty of options available to turn your regular meal into a Sirtfood meal just by switching for these food items.

How does the Sirtfood diet work?

Now, the question is how to work out the Sirtfood diet plan. So here’s how you should do it. 

According to the Sirtfood diet website, the diet plan works in 2 strict phases and you need to follow it vehemently to get the results

Sirtfood Diet Phase I

  • The first phase involves a strict diet for 7 days where you can’t go over 1000kcal daily intake for at least 3 days.
  • These 3 days you will be relying on a full meal made up of only Sirtfoods and Sirtfood juices.
  • So things like buckwheat pizza topped with onions along with kale juice are your go-to thing. Kale juices and citrus fruits are absolute favorites amongst Sirtfood diet plan followers.
  • This 3 day period is crucial as you have to fulfill your hunger in 1000kcal and in 1 meal which many struggle to do.
  • For the next 4 days, you are stepping up the food intake to 1500kcal daily with 2 Sirtfood meals and 2 green juices.
  • This is a more habituated phase and easily achieved by people.
  • Remember during this time you really can’t opt for meat options and it’s a strict strict Sirtfood diet vegetarian.
  • Any meat intake during this phase will shoot up the calories and will not work well.

Sirtfood Diet Phase II

  • Phase 2 starts with a 14-day Sirtfood plan where you seek to maintain your weight through a more balanced meal.
  • In this phase, you gradually go back to your normal routine of 3 meals but all of these have to be Sirtfood meals along with one green juice. 

So, there you go, your Sirtfood diet plan but now the question is it feasible for the long run.

How To Sirtify Your meals?

A Sirtfood diet can be a sustainable solution if you know how to sirtify your meals. Not anybody and everybody can sirtify the meals and reap the benefits of a Sirtfood diet. To achieve that you need to first master the 2 phases. Once you are done with it, you can virtually sirtify any and every meal of your choice and eat your favorite foods. From chicken curry to pizza – you can eat anything by just replacing the ingredients with Sirtfoods. 

Who Can Try This Out?

green juice sirtfood

A Sirtfood diet will typically go well for vegans as they are already aware of these substitutes and know how to use them. Dieticians and Nutritionists say that a Sirtfood diet is a change in lifestyle and not just a diet plan. It’s a more conscious effort to eat healthy food. So, following this diet is relatively easy and one can easily do that just by going for a balanced meal. The fad of 7pound weight loss in a week may not have the desired effect for many and might not continue for every week as you are more likely to see this weight loss because of a loss in fluids from your body. However, with a balanced Sirtfood diet plan you can maintain your weight and have a moderate weight loss and this should be coupled with regular exercise.

Sirtfood Diet Recipes To Try Out?

sirtfood items

Most Sirtfood diet plans include green juices and buckwheat substitutes for grains. These 2 are critical things. Green juices made up of green apples and kales are an absolute necessity. Matcha green tea is one thing Sirtfood users vouch for. So go for it.

For breakfast options yogurt and blueberries mix, walnuts with dark chocolates, an omelet stuffed with bacon, red chicory, and parsley.

If you are into soups then go for broccoli kale soup, parsley kale soup, etc. You can add your meat to it as well. The soups are a good option in the phase1 diet plan when you need to have a nutritious filling under 1000kcal. So, you can break down your daily one meal into a soup and another light Sirtfood option which would keep you under 1000kcal.

For lunch you can have kale strawberry salads, buckwheat pita stuffed with parsley, hummus, and turkey.

For dinner, you can try buckwheat noodles coupled with stir-fried prawns with kale.

sirtfood meat

See, how you can enjoy your favorite meals in a Sirtfood way. It is not that the Sirtfood diet meat isn’t possible. It is equally possible for both vegans and meat-eaters. True the vegans might have it easy but you can have it your way. 

How To Manage the Sirtfood Diet?

Many dietitians say that the Sirtfood diet might be unsustainable for many who are not used to restrict calorie intake in their diet. After the first phase many resort to binge eating in phase 2 as there’s not much guideline in it and is a liberal jump to 3 meals per day. Experts suggest people eat protein-rich food and also eat smaller but frequent meals in order to refrain from overeating during this phase.

So, if you are struggling, maybe it’s time to strategize and break up your meals.

sirtfood diet adele

That’s how you do a Sirtfood diet and have a stunning transformation like adele. 


1. What is the Sirtfood Diet?

Sirtfood diet is a diet rich in foods like kale, free apples, matcha green tea, buckwheat, etc which are rich sources of the protein sirtuin. 

2. Does the Sirtfood diet work?

Sirtfood diet works well if you replace your regular food items with Sirtfood items and follow the strict diet pattern. 

3. How to do the Sirtfood diet?

Sirtfood diet plan involves 7 days of Sirtfood based eating followed by another 14days of it. It is a dietary regime to get you acquainted with replacing regular items with Sirtfood items. After the 21 days of strict dietary plan, you can sirtify your food of choice and continue with the Sirtfood diet. 

4. What is the Sirtfood diet plan?

It’s a 2 phase plan where you eat sirtuin rich food. In phase 1 you eat one Sirtfood meal with green juice for 3 days maintaining 1000kcal intake per day. In the next 4 days, you eat 2 Sirtfood meals and green juice maintaining 1500kcal intake per day. And in phase 2 you go back to your regular 3 meal days but only with Sirtfood meals and green juice. 

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