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COVID-19 Treatment at Home: Coronavirus Home Remedies

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For about 9 months now, the world is battling a healthcare monster, the coronavirus. A small minute respiratory viral germ has made the world standstill affecting each and every corner of the planet. 

It has killed millions of people and made millions more ill. Today, we all know what the coronavirus is and how we need to stay safe in order to prevent this infection from spreading further. COVID19 is the malice that has claimed our physical space and made us wary of public interaction. Yet despite the best of our efforts the mere hand washing, sanitizing, and mask-wearing isn’t keeping the disease at bay, For like other infectious diseases like tuberculosis, HIV, etc this too is the malice that attacks us in the worst of the worst condition. 

So, before everything falls apart we need to build ourselves and strengthen our protection shield – our immunity. COVID19 is an incurable respiratory which has no cure till death. Scientists are working at godspeed to bring into force effective medicine and a vaccine. However, before that happens the virus is taking lives affecting more and more people especially old and vulnerable people who have underlying health conditions like diabetes, cholesterol, cardiac problems, obesity, etc.

Why Coronavirus Home Remedies Are Important?

Amidst this, the only hope we have is to build our immunity and reduce the symptoms of the disease. That’s what doctors are doing. Along with dietitians and nutritionists, doctors are working day and night to formulate a good coronavirus prevention strategy. In the hospital doctors are working towards treating coronavirus symptoms with like fever, pneumonia, headache, cough, and cold, diarrhea, loss of taste, and smell with medicines for each of them.

cough cold coronavirus

Here at our home, we can try to evade these symptoms by eating things that boost immunity and treat these symptoms. This is what we are dealing with when we talk about coronavirus home remedies. It’s a way of treating your conditions at home with some preventive option which helps you tackle the virus.

This won’t make you a messiah and cure the disease. Rather it will reduce the extent of the disease and make it more bearable. Remember COVID19 is a mild respiratory disease that only heightens if your immune system is weak and you have underlying health conditions. So rather than fighting with the disease let’s take a look at how to tackle it with protective measures and restrict its effect to survive. 

What are the Natural Home Remedies for Coronavirus?

To tackle coronavirus at home, you need to know what must be done to maintain the nutrient condition of your body. Along with proper disinfection, sanitation, social distancing, and respiratory etiquette like mask-wearing, you need to eat healthily and make your immune system stronger.

Now, by making the immune system stronger it doesn’t mean having chyawanprush and doing whatever you want. It means a proper diet of healthy fruits and vegetables which supplies you with vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Drinking an adequate amount of water to keep yourself hydrated and other healthy ways of living. 

The basic coronavirus natural remedies are just lifestyle changes which you need to make so that your body is better prepared for all kinds of diseases and not just coronavirus.

With the World Health Organization highlighting that more such pandemic is probable in the near future these basic preventive measures for a healthy lifestyle are crucial.

So let’s take how we can take care of the coronavirus symptoms at home by using simple home remedies. 

1. Oxidative antibacterial ingredients

The most basic thing is to use those ingredients which shows better oxidative and anti-inflammatory people, making them good healthcare alternative. Ingredients like turmeric, ginger, garlic, cardamon have these effects. They are natural ingredients that relieve the body from oxidative stress and act as anti-inflammatory antibacterial agents. So, having these in your diet not only boosts your immunity but makes it less stressed and prone to other bacterial infections which might happen with the coronavirus. 

covid19 home remedy

2. Herbal Oxidative Stress Relievers

The second in line is the strategy to use the ingredients that reduce the symptoms of cough and cold by reducing the oxidative stress and cooling your body. So ingredients like eucalyptus, tulsi, aloe vera can be used regularly. Some people also call it coronavirus herbal remedies. However, you should remember the reality of it – these are not ways to treat the disease. They have certain healthy properties which makes them useful to reduce the common coronavirus symptoms like cough and cold. That’s why we are using it.

covid19 home remedy

3. Keeping the Body Hydrated

The other beneficial preventive measure is keeping yourself hydrated. Most people will equate it with absurd unverified facts of the virus being flushed out by drinking more water but there is no scientific basis to it.

coronavirus home remedy

You need to drink water to keep yourselves hydrated so that it compensates for the loss of fluids from your body. Many of us don’t remember the cholera pandemic today because we don’t have it that much. But the most crucial strategy to deal with cholera is to drink water so that your body doesn’t die out of septic shock due to the loss of fluids in diarrhea. 

Coronavirus causes the same symptoms of diarrhea, constipation, and other digestive problems which reduces the water content of your body. The human body is made up of 70% of water, without water your cells can’t survive and proper nutrient supply that maintains the salt concentration and pH of your body won’t happen. So, you need to replenish water in your body by regularly drinking water. 

4. Taking Care of Vitamin Deficiencies

Other preventive measures like eating lemons, honey, and other citrus fruits are crucial to supply the necessary vitamins namely vitamin A, C, and D in your body as many people suffer vitamin deficiency in their regular dietary intake making them all the more prone to virus attacks. So, using these ingredients or taking vitamins is to build your system which is a preventive strategy to tackle all diseases, not just the coronavirus.

covid19 natural remedies

5. Respiratory Cleaning Strategies

Last but not the least, is the necessity to follow basic respiratory cleansing strategies. As we know the coronavirus sticks to our nose and throat and ultimately travels up to the lungs and affects other organs. So, before it goes to the organs it remains at the entry point for many days. So, within that incubation period of 4-17days, it can be reduced in number by following respiratory cleansing strategies like gargling to clean your throat, flushing your nose with lukewarm water. Remember this isn’t a cure but a preventive measure to reduce the number of viruses and it has an effect in Asian countries where nasal cleansers are used regularly. 

coronavirus prevention

So, there you go the most basic coronavirus home remedies which are healthy lifestyle changes that make you less prone to coronavirus attacks. Remember to follow the basic preventive measures of mask-wearing and hand washing while you indulge in these coronavirus Indian remedies. It’s prevention which always makes it more bearable. 



1.Does Drinking Lots of Water Flush Out the Virus?

Contrary to popular belief drinking water doesn’t flush out the virus. People suffering from covid19 are advised to drink water regularly as they need to replenish the water loss that occurs due to diarrhea, constipation, and other digestive problems. It’s a preventive measure to reduce the effect of coronavirus symptoms and has no direct effect on the virus. The virus can only be reduced in number if you clean your nose regularly with water. However, this too is a limited preventive measure. You can still get the disease in a milder form. 

2. Is there a Home Remedy for Coronavirus?

Coronavirus Home Remedies aren’t  treatment for this incurable disease. These are simple lifestyle changes which boost your immunity and reduce coronavirus symptoms like cough, cold, fever, etc. So, there are remedies like eating oxidative antibacterial ingredients like turmeric, ginger, garlic and also using oxidative stress-relieving herbs like eucalyptus, tulsi, etc. However, these are all supportive measures to reduce the symptoms. It’s kind of like reducing the temperature in high fever by taking baths. 

3. Can I Get Rid of the Coronavirus By Eating Healthy?

Eating healthy ensures your body is getting enough nutrients to tackle the effect of disease-causing germs like bacteria and viruses. However, it doesn’t mean you can get rid of the virus and move unaffected. Eating healthy will help you fight coronavirus, enhancing your survival chances. 

4. Does Immunity Boosting Really Help in Coronavirus Prevention?

Immunity-Boosting isn’t the way to prevent coronavirus. Coronavirus prevention can only work if you wear masks and maintain proper social distancing along with basic health and hygiene. Building the immunity only helps you tackle the viral attack, ultimately enabling you to survive. It’s kind of works like a shield protecting your house from rain and dust, making it shine for a longer period. 

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