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Top Oxygen Rich Foods

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Oxygen-rich foods are considered the messiah of many health problems, especially Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) which is a lung disorder that causes severe irritation in the lungs making it impossible to breathe. Now, in a global pandemic situation, where a deadly respiratory virus, the coronavirus is killing people by damaging their lungs and causing pneumonia, oxygen-rich foods might come handy.

This kind of nutritious food not only keeps your lungs fits but also helps in increasing the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. Thus making way for healthy and smooth blood circulation and relieving of any kind of waste products and gases from accumulating in the body. There’s an extensive list of oxygen-rich foods that you can eat to keep yourself healthy and fit, especially in times of the pandemic.

But before you do that let’s take a look at how foods high in oxygen actually help your body. 

How do Oxygen Rich Foods help?

According to the Lung Institute, the foods high in oxygen act as a medium to supply oxygen to the blood. We don’t directly get the oxygen from these oxygen-rich foods as there is no way to transfer oxygen from the digestive system into the blood.

 Our body’s primary oxygen gateway is the lungs.

Through the lungs, we breathe oxygen and give out carbon dioxide. Now, this oxygen them gets into the blood by means of gaseous exchange ultimately resulting in oxygen supply throughout the body and release of the carbon dioxide waste. The more is the oxygen in the blood, the less is the carbon dioxide waste. The iron-rich blood pigment, hemoglobin that carries these gases, oxygen, and carbon dioxide have specific binding sites that work for both. The more Carbon dioxide binds to it, the lesser is its affinity for oxygen and vice versa. So, our goal is to supply this oxygen in more quantities so that it can bind to it more and carry the necessary oxygen to different organs. Also, the oxygen and the carbon dioxide in blood has a direct relation with the physiological pH of blood 7.4. In a low blood oxygen level person, this pH will be low making the activity of several enzymes of the body problematic.

oxygen rich foods get oxygen into the blood


This ultimately results in poor organ performance which you see in COVID19 when different organs are affected not just the lungs. 

oxygen rich foods help hemoglobin carry oxygen

Now, these alkaline oxygen-rich foods improve the blood oxygen levels by increasing the hemoglobin protein. These foods are generally rich in iron which is the chief component of hemoglobin. So, when you eat oxygen-rich foods in abundance the hemoglobin activity increases making it ready to take in more oxygen which ultimately maintains the pH of the body making it suitable for perfect organ functioning. Hemoglobin kind of acts like the coaches of the train (blood) which when increased increases the number of goods (oxygen) being carried. 

Health Benefits of Eating Oxygen Rich Foods

However, this is not it. There is a vast range of health benefits of eating oxygen-rich foods. It’s not just about increasing the oxygen level of blood. True it does increases the oxygen level of blood but this oxygen-rich blood helps in facilitating the transfer of a range of essential nutrients into the body.

  1. The high oxygen content helps in vitamin and mineral uptake of the body
  2. It maintains the lactic acid formation within the body making us healthy and fit.
  3. It helps to restore and renew various essential organs of our body. 

Thus, this alkaline oxygen-rich foods in our diet is an essential elixir that maintains the body. 

List of Oxygen Rich Foods

Now, as we make way for an oxygen-rich food intake let us take a look at the list of oxygen-rich foods we have at our disposal. The availability might be vast and but the proper utility of them is the essence of a healthy life. 

1.Beet and Beet Greens

oxygen rich foods that help, beet

The high-quality nutrients of beet and beet greens like nitrates, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, and antioxidants make it an ideal oxygen-rich food to be included in your diet. It not only optimizes oxygen intake and helps the lung to heal but it also reduces blood pressure and hypertension which is crucial for COPD prevention. The vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in beet provided added advantage to lungs against infection which is extremely crucial in times of a pandemic. 

2. Almond Milk

high oxygen rich food that help, almond milk

If you are looking for oxygen-rich foods in dairy options then go for this plant-based milk which is rich in essential elements like iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, and vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B6 which makes it a good alternative to increase hemoglobin activity. 

3. Apples & Oranges

high vitamin high antioxidant oxygen rich foods

If you are looking for oxygen-rich foods then you have to include these 2 oxygen-rich fruits which have tremendous health benefits because of their vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B content, and supply of essential elements like potassium, calcium, magnesium, etc. They are high in antioxidants and flavonoids which protects the lungs from oxidative stress and infections. Apples are particularly good for increasing the hemoglobin content of the blood. So, now you get why an apple a day keeps the doctor away. 

4. Avocados, Berries, banana, carrots, celery, and Garlic

high vitamin oxygen rich foods, carrots, avocado

These oxygen-rich foods are high on anti-oxidants and have a general pH of 8. Their general pH level helps in maintaining the physiological pH of blood to 7.4 and also they greatly reduce blood pressure. 

5. Asparagus, Seaweed

alkaline oxygen rich foods, asparagus salad

They have an inherent pH of 8.5 which works as alkaline oxygen-rich foods that maintain body pH by reducing the acid level in the body. Added to that their antioxidant and high essential content like calcium, iron makes it good for hemoglobin activity. 

6. Spinach and Broccoli

oxygen rich meal with oxygen rich foods spinach broccoli

Both broccoli and spinach are high anti-oxidant vitamin containing and iron-containing foods that help in better oxygen-carrying

7. Shrimp

oxygen rich foods meal of shrimp

For meat-eaters, shrimp is the ultimate oxygen-rich food that you can vouch for. It has choline, iodine, copper, phosphorus, vitaminB12, and other antioxidants that help in higher oxygen uptake and keeps the lung safe from infections. 

8. Seafood and Meats

iron rich seafood and meats oxygen rich foods

A high oxygen content diet must have seafood and meats as they are the chief source of iron in animal protein. This iron along with other nutrients like magnesium is crucial for hemoglobin activity and thus for oxygen uptake. 

9. Pepper & Capsicum

antioxidants rich pepper capsicum oxygen rich foods

These kinds of foods are high in water which supplies oxygen to the body. Water contains a good amount of dissolved oxygen which is good for health. Moreover, they contain certain crucial antioxidants that relieve the oxidative stress of the body, making it ideal for infection prevention.

oxygen rich pumpkin tomato soup oxygen rich foods

Apart from these, a range of oxygen-rich foods like green tea, pumpkin-tomato soup, watermelon, etc has the essential nutrients and anti-oxidants to help in oxygen uptake. The list of oxygen-rich foods is really endless and you can eat many things simply by incorporating high iron and anti-oxidant food items in your diet. Just remember to look for the oxygen-rich content and you are good to go. 


bowl of oxygen rich foods for oxygen rich meal

1.How Can I Increase Oxygen in my Blood?

We simply can’t increase oxygen in the blood by eating oxygen-rich foods as there is no way to get the oxygen from the digestive system to the blood. However, foods high in oxygen generally work by making the hemoglobin of blood more efficient for oxygen uptake, and that how you can increase oxygen in the blood. 

2. What Is the Best Source of Oxygen?

The best source of oxygen is oxygen-rich foods like spinach, broccoli, meats, etc which are rich in iron and antioxidants that help in better oxygen uptake by hemoglobin. 

3. How Does Oxygen Rich Foods Help?

Oxygen Rich Foods act as the enhancer and stimulator of hemoglobin, the carrier of oxygen in the blood. With more hemoglobin in the blood, there is a greater chance of oxygen supply to all the organs of the body. 

4. Which Oxygen Rich Foods Have High Vitamin?

Vitamins are generally found in a complex structure along with other elements like iron, calcium, magnesium. Since oxygen-rich foods are rich in these minerals they tend to carry a high amount of vitamins with them. In fact, it’s this vitamin and essential element complex is the basis of hemoglobin molecule formation. Oxygen-rich foods like almond milk, shrimp, apples, oranges, carrots, avocados, etc have high vitamins.

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