3 day green tea detox diet


Many people turn to detox diets for fast and simple ways to combat fatigue, lose weight, and cleanse their bodies.The green tea detox is popular because it’s simple to follow and doesn’t want any significant alterations to your diet or lifestyle. However, while some prefer it as an easy way to enhance overall health, others disregard it as yet another risky and inefficient fad diet. This article takes a close look at the green tea detox, including whether its advantages surpass its uncertainties. What is a Green Tea Detox? The green tea detox is displayed as an easy way to flush out unhealthy toxins, raise energy levels, and improve better health. Its defenders insist that just adding a few daily servings of green tea to your diet can clear up blemishes, improve immune function, and boost fat burning. Typically, a green tea detox requires adding 3–6 cups (0.7–1.4 liters) of…