belly fat exercises for men


Belly fat is the most unhealthy kind of fat. It is also the most challenging to get rid of. Medically termed as visceral fat, belly fat is a layer of fat between the subcutaneous fat (fat layer right below the skin) and the internal organs. The most common cause of belly fat is an inactive lifestyle. Continually sitting at one place, poor food habits, slow metabolism, not working out, genetics, and menopause are some other reasons. Surprisingly, experts have also found that stress can also lead to fat accumulation in the belly region. How To Measure Belly Fat At Home Belly fat can be measured using these two conventional methods: Waist Circumference – Stand straight and use a measuring tape to measure your waist circumference. Place the tape below your last rib and above your hip bones. Any reading over 35 inches is dangerous. Waist To Hip Ratio – Stand…