best post workout meal for muscle gain


Running is the best and most addictive workout. Experts have validated that running frequently can promote your heart health, enhance stamina, and lower LDL cholesterol. But there’s one thing that can totally overthrow your effort. And that’s not taking your post-run nutrition correct. Ever seen how starved and tired you feel after a run? That’s because your body is deficient of glucose and has endured muscle wear and tear. If you don’t correctly replenish your energy stores the energy source through glucose (carbohydrates) and proteins, you may be at jeopardy of muscle damage and weakness. But you also cannot go about devouring anything you find in the fridge or at the supermarket after running. Read on to find the 15 best post-run foods, why you require them, and how they can benefit you. Why Do You Need To Intake Food Post-Run? You need to eat food post-run not only because…