calorie deficit diet chart


A calorie deficit diet is a tried and tested diet plan which works by giving you a lesser calorie intake than usual, allowing it to use most of the calories to maintain your bodily functions including metabolism and other activities like sports and the basic resting calorie expenditure. Thus by this technique, there’s hardly any excess calories in your body which ultimately results in weight loss. However, this dietary mechanism of weight loss has its repercussions as it depends on your body’s basal metabolic rate, BMR, and your existing health conditions. What Is a Calorie Deficit Diet? A calorie deficit diet is a low-calorie diet where you restrict your dietary intake to 1500-2000 calories per day. There’s another very low-calorie diet plan where you even go to a 900-1500 caloric deficit. All this is governed by research which has shown that an average female needs 1500 calories per day while…