Crash Diet


Holidays are looming and crash or short-term diet during this time of the year is unfortunately pretty common amongst people. While a crash diet might help you shed those extra kilos in time for that week but the results are generally short-lived and can have a negative impact on both your mind and body. There are some popular crash diets like The Cabbage Soup Diet, The Protein Diet, Three-Day Diet, Grapefruit Diet, The GM Diet, Detox Diet, Chicken Soup Diet, Water Fast Diet, and Fresh Juice Crash Diet. Harmful Effects of Crash Dieting You Are Not Aware Of !! It can be quite easy to be tempted by the quick fix of a crash diet but here is how crash dieting can impact your body so you might just reconsider: 1. Crash Dieting Can Reduce Your Metabolic Rate Extreme dieting results in a greater muscle breakdown, which, in turn, reduces…