diet soda alternatives


If you madly count calories to keep yourself in shape, now is a good time to stop. Why? Because fewer calories or zero calories does not mean “healthy.” Diet soda, with its zero-calorie label, has tricked many of us into drinking it, thinking that it wouldn’t lead to weight gain. But the truth is, there is a lot of scientific research that shows that diet soda can make you gain weight and cause obesity-related diseases. What Does Diet Soda Contain? To know why diet soda is bad for your health and why it causes weight gain, you must know what it contains. Here is the list of ingredients: Carbonated Water Aspartame Caramel Color Phosphoric Acid Natural Flavors These ingredients may seem safe, but they may make you gain weight over a period. 8 Ways Diet Soda Makes You Overweight And Unhealthy Diet soda can make you gain weight in several…