You are PMSing and irritable, and the weighing scale conveyed bad news. How frustrating! It’s as if the universe is plotting against you. Well, you are not alone. Weight gain during periods is normal, and many women strive to lose the extra pounds. But if you know a few simple tricks, it is actually very easy to get rid of the flab. What are those tricks? Read on for all the answers and prepare yourself for the next cycle and the cycles to come. 7 Major Causes For Weight Gain During Periods 1. PMS PMS or premenstrual syndrome begins one or two weeks before the actual period commences. And its most obvious symptoms are bloating, anxiety, food cravings, and depression. These result in a craving for sugary and salty foods and binge eating. As a result, by the end of the PMSing phase and the start of your period, you…