Before After     Age 28 Gender Male  Before After  Weight  54 Kg  74 Kg  Body Fat  25  20  Height  5′ 9″  Transformation period  9 months  Gym Pluto fitness  Trainer  Aman Kumar Harneet trained himself six days a week, beginning every workout with cardio. He split his strength training to transform his body from a lean fat body to ripped and fit one. Motivated by his dad he breaks through all stereotypes people usually have for a skinny person. Contented with what he accomplished he now proudly maintains and improves himself for a better and healthier living. Lifestyle Prior to Change What was your Lifestyle prior to your transformation? My lifestyle before I started my transformation was a very energetic one as I was actively involved in sports. One of the best things about being in sports was to maintain a strict diet which made me prefer home…