foods that relieve constipation


Most of us looked for solutions to treat constipation at home – from trying herbal remedies to ayurvedic medicines to using foods to treat constipation. However, most of us haven’t been successful because we seldom understood the mechanism of it. How and why constipation happens is the key to understanding why certain foods constipation. Many believe foods that cause constipation are to be avoided to solve this annoying problem and to trade with this misconception we regularly indulge in knowing do bananas/milk/eggs/apples/peanuts/chicken/rice cause constipation. However, all these frantic efforts are of no use if you don’t understand how constipation happens and what foods cause constipation. So, let decipher the critical problem. Why & How Constipation Occurs? Constipation is a bowel movement or a digestive problem that causes less than 3 bowel movements in a week resulting in dry hard stools that are painful to defecate. It is a common digestive…