ghee calories


Ghee has several names: desi ghee or clarified butter or anhydrous butter oil and is a common ingredient found in traditional Indian cooking. Ghee is used to sautéing spices, coat rice before cooking, and brown and sear meats. While it is important for ghee, like other fats, to be consumed in moderation, it is different in that it is safe for those suffering from dairy allergies. This is because the casein and lactose are almost completely removed during the clarification process. Ghee adds more flavor than animal fats, regular butter, or frying oils when used for cooking. While ghee lovers are quick to believe in the health benefits and readily make their own at home, the skeptics point out that ghee has a high ratio of saturated fat. The debate never ceases to end! Facts about Ghee Pure ghee with water content completely removed does not have to be refrigerated,…