home remedies for cough and cold in babies


With the onset of COVID19, suddenly there’s a rise in home remedies for cough and cold. Today, it’s not just restricted to searching for viable alternative home remedies of cough for babies or finding suitable home remedies for dry cough in kids, rather it has become a survival instinct for many in this pandemic, especially as we are nearing the winter months – the time when the cough, cold and flu becomes strong along with the coronavirus. But the realities of home remedies for cough and cold are quite different from what is being projected on the internet. Cough, cold, and flu, together called flu-like symptoms are often the first reaction of the body fighting any foreign germ. So, if you are getting any of these, it is actually a sign that your immunity system is fighting a germ and it soon subsides. Such kinds of cough and cold symptoms…