how to lose body fat in a week


Mostly, one starts to diet when they feel a need to shed some fat from their bodies. When people begin a diet, the foremost thing that they strive for is usually eliminating fat. While fat can contribute to weight gain, but there is a type of good fat that you should retain in your diet. Fats are important for many bodily processes and as opposed to the popular opinion, your body actually needs fat to survive. Healthy fats are the building blocks of our brain, hormones, and nervous tissue. No matter how unbelievable it sounds, fat does help the body burn fat, that is to say, you need to Eat Fat to Burn Fat. Role of Dietary Fat Usually, fitness freaks avoid fat at all costs. They always choose low-fat dairy, cook with little or no oil, and hardly consume butter, walnuts, ghee, and other high-fat foods. While there are…