insulin resistance foods to avoid


Insulin resistance is your body’s inability to respond to insulin. When that happens, the blood glucose levels spike and cause a dozen health complications. The Insulin Resistance Diet is an effective and proven way to fight this dormant health problem. What Is Insulin Resistance? To answer this question, let me first tell you about insulin and its importance. Insulin, a hormone, is secreted by the beta cells of the pancreas when you consume food. Food is broken down into glucose, which raises blood glucose levels. Insulin helps carry glucose (or sugar) to the muscles and liver cells, where glucose is broken down into a usable source of energy. Energy is used to perform various day-to-day functions, like breathing, digesting food, walking, dancing, batting eyelids, typing, and sleeping. Insulin resistance occurs when the pancreas stops producing enough insulin. It can also happen when you binge eat and follow a sedentary lifestyle.…