Green tea is nowadays considered as the world’s healthiest drink. And Lipton green tea is one of the most trusted green tea brands around the world. Lipton Green Tea contains flavonoids, which, along with a diet consistent with dietary guidelines, can help maintain heart health, prevent weight gain, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, etc.  But, the taste of green tea can put you off and on top of that, the good brands of green tea come with a high price tag. Luckily, Lipton is a well-known company that offers pure green tea and a wide range of flavored green teas that are priced at a reasonable rate. Lipton Green Tea For Weight Loss Lipton green tea is pure, simple, light, and tasty. It is made from the choicest leaves in the world. There are many types of Lipton green tea, such as 100% natural green tea mint, cranberry, lemon ginseng, pomegranate, decaffeinated…