little millet


The society has seen numerous health foods come and go. Some turned out to be a hoax, some did no good to the body, some developed hedonic hunger pangs, while some eradicated the indications of hunger. But a rare is here to stay. This is where millets come into the picture – abundant in essential carbs, fiber, and the more vital micronutrients. Inherent to the eastern side of the world, millets are an age-old answer to an active body. These cereals are getting popular in many countries as a gluten-free substitute. What Are Millets? Millets are whole grains that have been around for thousands of years and are found in many diets around the world. Millets are the principal staple grains in India and are usually eaten in China, South America, Russia, and the Himalayas. As gluten-free whole grains, millets are an exceptional grain option for those in need of…