pre workout snack


Pre-workout nutrition is equally important as post-workout nutrition. Pre-workout nutrition can be taken in the form of meals, snacks, supplements. Pre-workout nutrition is essential to accelerate your transformation. All workout and scarce food is not the way to go. Pre-workout nutrition in an appropriate way is always fruitful, for instance, eating before exercise will not only help you improve your performance but also diminish muscle damage. Pre-Workout Nutrition Guide Macronutrients That Your Body Needs Before A Workout The main macros that our body needs are carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Yes, you must avoid unhealthy fats and simple carbs, but otherwise, you need all the three to help your body function adequately. So, let’s see how these macronutrients help you during your workout. Carbohydrates: Muscles extract the glucose from carbohydrates for fuel. Glycogen stores glucose in the liver and the muscles. These glycogen stores are the key source of energy for…