quarantine workout


You don’t always require machines or a gym subscription to workout. You can always use your own body weight as an excellent “equipment” for a full-body workout – anytime, anywhere. Bodyweight exercises are no equipment workouts able to strengthening various muscle groups by using your own weight. They can also increase muscle mass in the elderly. Researches show that lower limb bodyweight exercises aid strengthen lower limb muscle force. Hence, training these moves at home can help strengthen the entire body. Practicing full body bodyweight workouts at home can help you gain a well-toned and fit body. Warmup Session You must warm-up for at least 10 minutes before you start with the workouts. Warming up is essential to elevate body temperature, metabolic rate, and oxygen uptake. You can check the following warm-up routine: Neck tilt – 10 reps Neck rotations – 10 reps Shoulder rotations – 10 reps Arm rotations…